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Oninaki: Which Difficulty To Choose

Three options to choose from.

by Dean James


Difficulty options are not something that every RPG offers, but it is certainly a welcome option to make the game more accessible to a larger number of people. Oninaki does just this by offering players with three different difficulties to choose from in the game and this guide will detail the three of them and explain which one you may want to choose.

Which Difficulty To Choose in Oninaki

At the very beginning of Oninaki, players are able to select a difficulty that they can later change, as we have detailed in another guide on how you can do. This is only for if one of them doesn’t work out for you, but we are hoping you can pick based on this guide to where you won’t have to change.

The first difficulty option available is known as Casual and it exactly how it sounds. This one is the easiest difficulty available that is for those not looking for a challenge and instead just want to power through the story. Oninaki does have a really good story, so this is a respectable option for those just wanting to experience it quickly. However, I do feel you are missing out if you take this option.

Normal is the default difficulty that most players are probably going to want to start with and go from there. This ups the difficulty from the Casual option, but still isn’t too incredibly hard. Even with playing through the entire game the first time at this difficulty, I never found myself having to grind outside of trying to take out most enemies in an area throughout the game. This is probably the most balanced option in that regard for that reason.

The final option in Oninaki is Maniac, which ups the difficulty quite a bit from Normal, but does give you a little something more for doing so. With the higher difficulty here, the item drop rate is also increased. This difficulty is definitely one you may not want to start with unless you are ready for a steep learning curve right out the gate. Thankfully you can change over to it at anytime though if Normal is feeling a bit too easy. In the same way, if Maniac is feeling too hard, you can switch back to Normal as well.

- This article was updated on:August 21st, 2019

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