Paleo Pines Owynn Pages Locations: Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece Guide

by Alex Huebner
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Even in Paleo Pines, friends get into fights. When a coelophysis gets a hold of one of Owynn’s many journals and tears out the pages, Owynn and Mari have a disagreement on what’s more important. Mari wants to finish researching the raptor, while Owynn wants to stay and collect what’s left of his journal. However, some pages are missing. Our guide will walk you through the Owynn pages locations for the Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece quest. Before you begin, make sure you’re prepared to house a new dinosaur.

Finding Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece Quest

This quest is automatically given to you when you see Mari and Owynn outside Mari’s home. It will happen in or after the second week of the first season. As soon as you cross the bridge to Mari’s a cutscene with the two fighting will begin.

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Owynn’s Pages 1 and 2

The first two of Owynn’s pages haven’t gone very far and are pretty simple to find. The first is on up the hill and under a bush to the left of Owynn if you’re looking at him after coming off the bridge.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You’ll see the next as you prepare to cross the bridge from Mari’s to go back into the fields. It’s under a bush on the left side.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you find these, the last of Owynn’s pages is given to you after you help Mari. She has stormed off to chase the dinosaur. Find her on your map and speak with her and she gives you updated tasks to complete on Runaway Raptor.

Help Mari with the Coelophysis

You will need to befriend a coelophysis and bring it to Mari. To befriend it, use your flute to play three red notes that will get its attention. It will come close to you and sing some notes to play the friend call. Once you do this successfully, you’ll just need to feed and soothe it until the arrow in the bottom right meter is in the green, then give it a poppin, I used a juicy one as they didn’t like the standard one. Once it accepts and trusts you, pet it when you’re able and it will follow you. Then you can take it to Mari.

She will look at its teeth and tell you what notes to give Owynn about it and hand you the last of his pages. She says it must have gotten stuck on her shoe. You also receive two juicy poppins and ownership of the coelophysis. Return Owynn’s pages to him to complete Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece and he will gift you a turnip.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2023

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