Password Game Rule 20: How to Put Out the Fire

Here is how you put out the fire in Rule 20 of The Password Game.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Neal Argarwal

The Password Game is undoubtedly a bizarre game that reminds me of the classic game “The Impossible Quiz,” in which each level gets stranger than the last. The Password Game premise is simple — you must create a password that complies with the game’s rules. On Rule 20, though, something devastating happens when flame emojis start to take over your password. If you are stuck on Rule 20, we got you covered. Read further to learn how to put out the fire in Rule 20 of The Password Game.

How to Put Out the Fire for Rule 20 in The Password Game

Rule 20 is as follows “Oh no! Your password is on fire. Quick, put it out!” To solve Rule 20 in The Password Game, you need to delete the fire emojis as soon as they appear. It’s essential to do this fast before they spread and erase the entire password you went through the trouble to create. I had the best luck deleting the fire emojis by highlighting them in a group and then deleting them — instead of deleting each one by one.

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What makes this level so tricky is the fact that you will have Paul the Egg in your password by the time you reach it. You must protect Paul from the flame emojis, considering if the flames get him, then it will be an automatic game over, and you will have to start from the beginning.

It’s important to know that Rule 20 happens quickly and begins immediately after the completion of Rule 19 — so be prepared for the fire emojis and get to deleting them right away.

As you get further into the rules, the Password game has more up its sleeve, so be on your toes. There are other rules, besides rule 20, that can result in an automatic game over — so don’t feel discouraged if you lose quite a bit! Keep your head up, keep Paul alive, and learn from your mistakes in the next round.

- This article was updated on July 4th, 2023

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