Password Game Rule 23 Guide: How to Feed Paul and Keep Him Alive

Here is how to keep Paul from starving in Rule 23 of Password Game.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Password Game is a browser puzzle game that challenges you to create a password that meets a list of criteria that becomes more-and-more diabolical as the game progresses. One of the most frustrating is Rule #23, which asks you to keep your newly-hatched avian friend Paul from starving to death. After some mental gymnastics, we figured out how to feed Paul in Password Game, so keep reading if you’d like to keep your streak going.

How to Feed Paul in Password Game

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you’ve reached Rule #23 in The Password Game, the egg emoji that Rule #20 asked you to “keep safe” in your password will hatch into a chicken emoji named Paul. Like any newborn chick, Paul is a hungry little guy, and the text for Rule #23 tells you that Paul needs to eat three worms a minute.

To feed Paul, you must type a worm emoji into your password. Just like the description says, Paul will “eat” one of your worm emojis every 20 seconds, so you’ll have to keep typing emojis into your password after Paul has eaten them. And unfortunately, you’ll have to keep doing this until you’ve created a password that complies with all thirty-five of The Password Game’s rules and beat the game.

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If you don’t keep feeding Paul, the young chick will starve to death, giving you a Game Over that forces you to start The Password Game all over again. So, if you don’t want to have to type emojis of all eight of the moon’s lunar phases into your password again, you’ll want to keep plugging a few worm emojis into your password while you work on completing the rest of the rules.

Here’s what the worm emoji looks like in the very likely event you’ve never used it in a text.

  • Worm – 🪱

Sadly, the only way to keep Paul alive is to type three worm emojis into your password every time Paul eats them all. If you try to cheat the system by typing in more than three worm emojis, Paul will be overfed and die anyway. This is one of the many hilarious ways that The Password Game stays one step ahead of you and forces you to play by its rules.

- This article was updated on July 3rd, 2023

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