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Path of Exile – Best Builds for Ranger in Echoes of the Atlas

Fast clears, lots of AOE and fun gameplay, Rangers are in a good spot in this League.

by Victor Vellas


With the abundance of possible builds in Path of Exile, it is hard to narrow it down to only a couple. That said, I did my best to focus on some Ranger setups created by our lovely community, that you might find interesting. In my  opinion, after a lot of research and some personal trial and error, these are the most efficient right now to tackle Echoes of the Atlas’ content. Credits go to the creators of those builds, so make sure to check them while looking at our Best Ranger builds, for the time being, for Ritual League.

1. Crit Based Elemental Hit – Deadeye

I’ve already spoken about this specific build, in our ‘best builds‘ guide, so I won’t take too much time with this one. Elemental Hit is its core, obviously, and this setup is a very famous choice for high-end players. A solid kit, which heavily scales with investment, so make sure to go all in if you decide on this one. Fast clear times, versatility and huge single-damage are present, so you can’t go wrong with it.

The build resides on the more expensive side though, needing a lot of resources to grow to monstrous degrees. Its Ascendancy though, Deadeye, can make your character a wrecking machine really fast, which in result will lead you to clearing maps with ease, sending you to end game content faster. See where I’m going with this? Expensive yes, but gives you the tools for making a fortune, to spend afterwards.

2. Poison Scourge Arrow – Pathfinder

Ever played a Ranger that felt more like an occult mage or warlock? If not, then now is the time. With Scourge Arrow being the pillar of this build, you won’t be hitting big numbers with direct hits, as poison and chaos damage will do the trick for you. Oddly enough, the skillset provided for this setup makes you quite tanky as well, which is a second ‘first’ for a Ranger Class. Additionally, it is semi-friendly and most of the equipment needed can be found easily. For any piece that is hard to acquire, the guide found within the website gives a decent walkthrough as to how to get them.

The most important thing about this build is that it is really fun to play and quite safe for beginners. Easy to learn as well, so choosing to follow its venomous ways, is totally acceptable and efficient.

3. Kinetic Blast/Power Siphon – Pathfinder

The infamous Kinetic Blast. It certainly needs no introduction, as Pathfinder Rangers find themselves with another great tool in their disposal. Thinking of this specific skill, only one thing comes in mind. Speed. Able to annihilate packs of enemies with ease, in less than an instant, Kinetic Blast is a fan favorite for people who want to go fast. It certainly succeeds gloriously on that part, with its only weakness being its single target efficiency. Hence why we also utilize Power Siphon in this build, in order to compensate for the only drawback our mob clearer has.

The build is a well fit for any mode in the game, with its only catch being not too user-friendly. It requires a good knowledge of different aspects of the game, including Flask management and more. Also, it’s more of a late bloomer, with the early stages found a little tough to handle due to how squishy you can be. No worries though, since the investment will show its results in the endgame, level 80 and above, where the power of this build truly unleashes. Lastly, being a wand skill, this is a path that is not traversed by many players out there, making it a great choice for someone who wants to see what this underrated weapon type can do.


Echoes of the Atlas expansion is still in its early phases, so we will be keeping this list short for now. Why you ask? Well simply because we still don’t have enough data for some more efficient Ranger builds to show. There are indeed many that the community have tried, and many that you can experiment with of course, but I am presenting you here the very best you can find at the moment. Behind a setup there is a lot of research and practice to see if something actually works, so give it time and a multitude of other builds will be introduced. In regards to Rangers, Raider seems the more lackluster for now, but we will see in the near future what Path of Exile has in store for us.

- This article was updated on:January 20th, 2021

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