Persona 4 Golden: How to Get Gdon with Rampage

Mount of the Hindu goddess Durga, this beast is your next Fusion Request.

by J.R. Waugh
Images: Atlus

Persona 4 Golden is coming to more platforms than ever, and millions of players will have access to its captivating characters and gameplay. However, some quests and challenges in the game can be more tedious than others, especially for newcomers to Persona or Shin Megami Tensei. Early on in the game, you’ll meet Margaret in the mysterious Velvet Room, where she’ll issue you her Social Link questline, where you must show her Persona fusions. To get Rank 4 with Margaret’s Empress Social Link, you must fuse a Gdon that knows Rampage in Persona 4 Golden.

How to Fuse Gdon with Rampage for Margaret in Persona 4 Golden

To fuse Gdon with Rampage in Persona 4 Golden, you’ll have an easy time, fusing the following:

  • Ippon-Datara (Hermit) that learns Rampage at level 21
  • Matador (Death)
Image: Atlus

Either of these can know Rampage, and it’s simply the easiest fusion for Margaret yet. You can retain them from the previous fusions you would have already made, or you can go to the Velvet Room, select ‘Check Compendium’, and find either to regain them for a small fee. Train them at one of the numerous dungeons in the game, preferably Ippon-Datara as it learns Rampage at level 21 as opposed to Matador, gaining the move at level 27. There are other fusion options, but this is by far the quickest way, and if you’ve reached this stage, you’re guaranteed to have access to both of these components.

Once the fusion is complete, exit the Velvet Room and re-enter, and Margaret will notice your Gdon with Rampage, bringing your Social Link up to Rank 4.

Persona 4 Golden releases worldwide for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on January 19, 2023, as well as already being released on PlayStation Vita and PC.

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