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Phantasy Star Online 2 Luster Skill Tree Guide

Overwhelming at first sight, but rest assured it is simpler than it looks.

by Victor Vellas


Following our Luster’s Overview Guide, it’s time to look at this Class’s Skill Tree and where to allocate every skill points you have gathered. Usually, planning ahead a skill tree for any class is a troublesome job, however this is not the case with Luster. His Skill Tree is really straightforward, even if overwhelming at first look. No worries though, as I got you covered and rest assured that your Skill Points will be used efficiently.

Level up all Skills that need only 1 Point to max out!

Exactly what this title says, make sure to level up every single Skill that only needs 1 point to reach its max level. That’s it. All of those Skills are essential to Luster’s playstyle, and there isn’t any concern in spending a single point for these. Do it right away and you have your Skill Tree 80% ready for high-end play.

That said, what about those Skills that can reach up to lvl 10? Well then, let’s see what you need to do about those.


In the above picture, we have the following Skills that can reach up to lvl 10:

  • Tech Arts P.A. Multi Bonus
  • Eradication Restorate
  • Volt Reset Heal
  • High Combo Var. PP Save
  • Amplified Support
  • Deband Disorder
  • Shifta Gauge Boost
  • All Attack Bonus: Luster
  • Luster Weapon Bonus 1
  • Luster Weapon Bonus 2
  • Complete Rest

Out of these 11 Skills, only 5 are mandatory to be maxed out, to make the most out of Luster:

  • Tech Arts P.A. Multi Bonus x10
  • High Combo Var. PP Save x10
  • All Attack Bonus: Luster x10
  • Luster Weapon Bonus 1 x10
  • Luster Weapon Bonus 2 x10

The rest of those can be tweaked based on what the player wants the most. Reaching max level with your character, you won’t be able to max them all, so here are my suggestions as to what should be your 2nd priority:

  • Volt Reset Heal x10
  • Eradication Restorate x10
  • Shifta Gauge Boost x10

The last 3 Skills can be edited accordingly, based on your preference, as they don’t provide any significant changes to your gameplay or stats. I’d personally focus on Amplified Support, due to the utility it provides, not actual boost to performance. Complete Rest can also be handy, especially when you clear content solo, but still a niche thing to have. Deband Disorder is the least useful of the three, so I should leave it at 3 points, which is the requirement to unlock Shifta Gauge Boost.

  • Deband Disorder
  • Complete Rest
  • Amplified Support 

Do not bother with the last row of your Skill Tree!


See the very last row of the Skill Tree, in the picture above? If you do, please make yourself a favor and don’t be tempted to put any Skill Points there. Yes, a flat amount of HP or Attack can be good, but rest assured that maxing out the Skills we mentioned in the previous section, will be far more beneficial in the long run. If you do though end up having some spare Points, I’d go for PP Up, just to have that extra amount for using my Arts and HP to survive those random hits.

** The second to last row, you DO max those Skills out. The specific picture is from a character which is not maxed out yet, therefore not having points there as the Skills are yet to be unlocked. Don’t get confused, that whole row is indeed to be leveled up.

Wrapping up

As mentioned previously, Luster’s Tree is rather straightforward when you take a deeper look at it, so don’t be frightened from the amount of Skills that are in there. Simply level up all of the “1-point-to-max” Skills, follow the guidelines in regards to the middle part of the Tree, and you should be good to go.

Ending this guide with a small tip: If you are having trouble getting yourself Gunblades for every element, you can save up to 4 points by not leveling up the corresponding elemental skills, since you don’t even have a weapon for those yet. Use those points to max out something else first, and when you do have decent equipment for every element, just max out those as well. You won’t be missing anything, since each element can act independently, letting you clear as much content as you want. It is advised though, to use the full amount of Luster’s capabilities when possible, as it maximizes his damage output.


- This article was updated on:February 6th, 2021

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