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Phantasy Star Online 2 Luster Guide

PSO2 Global introduces Luster, the newest Scion Class.

by Victor Vellas


Luster is finally here, bringing with him a ton of new content as well, like new AC & FUN Scratch Tickets, a new Level Cap, a new Story Chapter and more. Luster is the last Scion Class introduced in the game, both in JP and Global servers, following Hero, Etoile and Phantom.

Luster could best be described as an elemental ninja-like fighter, with 3 different stances. Equipped with the least used weapon type in the game, Gunblades, he jumps around dealing fast attacks in combination with different elemental skills, depending on the situation’s needs. The Class is unlocked after you have another 2 Classes at level 75+, so for new players, it may take a while before being able to use him.

Three different Styles

  • Zandi Style – A fast-paced style that is triggered when a Wind or Lightning Element weapon is equipped. It focuses on AOE attacks, suitable for fast clears when farming, or progressing through Tasks.
  • Fomel Style – Activated when a Fire or Dark Element type is equipped, this is the go-to style when highly offensive plays are needed. Shines in close combat situations.
  • Baran Style – Similarly to the other two styles, Baran Style is activated when an Ice or Light Element weapon is equipped, and provides defensive mechanisms alongside long range attacks.

Gunblade is finally viable

Evasion Shot is Luster’s Weapon Action, while holding a Gunblade, allowing the character to fire off a ranged attack while moving. Also makes the player invulnerable for that short time frame, hence making it a solid defensive option during this agile playstyle. Make sure to implement it to your rotation and after a while you will be using it mechanically, like the Fighter’s or Etoile’s Weapon Action.

Wielding a Gunblade, automatically implies that Luster has both close and long range Arts, making him suitable for any occasion.

Similarly to Etoile’s Double Saber’s Photon Arts, Luster has enhanced versions of his skills, which can be used by spending Luster Gunblade Focus, the unique resource of the new Scion Class. Defeating enemies fills this gauge faster. Some notable ‘upgraded’ skills are:

  • Enhanced Attack (via your normal attack)
  • Enhanced Shot (via your Gunblade Weapon Action)
  • Enhanced Arts (which are your Luster Photon Arts.)

Luster also has the so called Mobile Arts, which are activated while moving and generate a movement effect. Stationary Arts are unleashed while standing still, making them the default version of the attack.

Most notable Luster Class Skills

Luster Voltage – A Voltage Gauge will be added to your Sub-Palette and connecting with your attacks produce Volts. With enough Voltage gathered, Potency will increase by a certain percent and you will take reduced damage as well. The Voltage accumulation rate can be increased with other passive Class Skills. Additionally, note that your Voltage Gauge will reset if you don’t attack for a while.

Luster Counter – Dodging with Sidestep or a Weapon Action, unleashes a Sidestep Swipe. Some extra DPS in your rotation.

Luster Sidestep Guard – If you Sidestep either forward or backward at a certain time frame, dodging an enemy’s attack, activates a Perfect Guard and unleashes a counterattack in the direction you inputted.

Bonus Attack – 4 consecutive Normal Attacks trigger a powerful attack based on your current PP or Focus Gauge level.

Fore more details about Luster’s Skill Tree and where to spend your precious Skill Points, make sure to check our guide here.

Wrapping up

Certainly not a beginner-friendly Class, Luster seems really exciting to play as, but needs a lot of trial and error to fully enjoy him. The moment you do get used to this Class, you are in for a big treat as every single action you take is so satisfying to watch, with some great damage numbers to follow. Luster is released with today’s Update, so go ahead and try him out, alongside his awesome-looking outfit.


- This article was updated on:February 6th, 2021

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