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Phantasy Star Online 2 How to Get Luster’s Outfit

Cyber ninjas are always cool, so why not look like one?

by Victor Vellas


The new Scion Class, Luster, is finally here. Rocking that cool red and white cyberpunk-like outfit, it is no wonder that everyone wants to get their hands on it the moment the Class is live. It certainly fits that ‘ninja’ touch for anyone who wants to use that theme, myself included, so I’m really glad to inform you that the whole set of the outfit, can be found easily, through the new AC & FUN Scratch Ticket: Blazing Luster!

I know, I know. “AC Tickets can be bought with real money, and we don’t want to spend any. So how is that easy?
Well then, that is the case indeed, BUT, and that’s a big but, anything you can find in that AC Scratch Ticket pack, CAN be bought through the in-game Product Shop, which is essentially a huge Auction House. Everyone can place items in there, for anyone to buy them.

Therefore, simply access the Shop, enter the ‘Product Search’ tab, and type in:

  • Sardhuo Zorel [Ou] – Outwear for Males
  • Sophis Raynal [Ou] – Outwear for Females

In order to have the complete set, you also need the Basewear:

  • Sardhuo Zorel [Ba] – Basewear for Males
  • Sophis Raynal [Ba] – Basewear for Females

In case you are playing as a CAST, but you do want to have a similar design for your character, you can search for the Bior Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs) for Male CASTS, and the Urien Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs) for female CASTS.

There you have it, that’s how you can look for Luster’s signature outfit. We can’t list any specific prices in here, since the market constantly changes as time goes by. Usually, they are quite cheap at first, but when the AC Scratch Ticket pack leaves for good, prices tend to increase significantly. I would advise to get them soon, to save some Meseta. There are also many other interesting cosmetics in the specific pack, so take a look at all of them from within the game or the official website.


- This article was updated on:February 6th, 2021

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