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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Mission Pass Items – February 2021

The new Mission Pass brings back fan favorites, like the Freeva CAST Set.

by Victor Vellas


Phantasy Star Online 2 starts its newest Season 13 on February 3, and alongside with it a new Mission Pass will be live as well. The new update is also going to launch on the same day, bringing the Luster Scion Class to the game as well, so expect it to be a packed month for the famous MMORPG.

For those that don’t know, a Mission Pass is a seasonal ‘event’ like activity, in which you complete Tier Missions for it, to earn STARS. Those STARS let you unlock higher Ranks within the Pass, with more goodies for you to claim. Now the fun part of this whole thing, is that those resources can be earned by simply playing the game as usual. Completing Client Orders, Urgent Quests, ARKS Missions, Advanced Quests and many more, are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to get some STARS.

With all that said, let us see what the new Mission Pass Items are.

Normal Tier

  • * Kingblade Lahar | Weapon Camo, Tier 4
  • Darkstone Deimos | Rare Material, Tier 5
  • Safe | Furnishing, Tier 12
  • Darkstone Deimos | Rare Material, Tier 15
  • Victory Floor Lamp | Furnishing, Tier 23
  • Lumincrystal Grania | Rare Material, Tier 30
  • 507: Diagonal Lean | Emote, Tier 24

*Lumincrystal Grania will be used to upgrade weapons to an upcoming Weapon Series.
**Darkstone Deimos are used to upgrade an upcoming Weapon Series.

Gold Tier

  • Lock and Key Necklace: Gold | Accessory, Tier 1
  • Lock and Key Necklace: Silver | Accessory, Tier 1
  • Cyber Goggles A | Accessory, Tier 3
  • Cyber Goggles B | Accessory, Tier 3
  • Bylarin Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs)| Female CAST, Tier 5
  • Aurora Petal | Accessory, Tier 6
  • Elephant Head | Accessory, Tier 6
  • Surge Picaro | Outfit, All Male Humanoid Races, Tier 8
  • Surge Headgear | Accessory, Tier 8
  • Euclyta Short | Hairstyle, Tier 9
  • Guardie Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs)| Male CAST, Tier 10
  • * Apoptosis | Weapon Camo, Tier 11
  • V Style Teased Hair | Hairstyle, Tier 12
  • Piggyback Nyau | Accessory, Tier 12
  • * FOnewearl | Weapon Camo, Tier 16
  • Japanese Thigh-Highs | Body Paint, Tier 17
  • Devil Horns: Red | Accessory, Tier 17
  • Luchter Orbit | Outfit, All Female Humanoid Races, Tier 18
  • Luchter Pigtails | Hairstyle, Tier 18
  • Luchter Mask | Accessory, Tier 18
  • * Punk Shaker | Weapon Camo, Tier 20
  • Exvilants | Outfit, All Male Humanoid Races, Tier 20
  • Magia Savior| Outfit, All Female Humanoid Races, Tier 21
  • Magia Ponytail | Hairstyle, Tier 21
  • Magia Headgear | Accessory, Tier 21
  • Magia Earrings | Accessory, Tier 21
  • Freeva Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs)| Male CAST, Tier 22
  • Roava Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs) | Female CAST, Tier 23
  • Evolution Device: Ocha | Mag Device, Tier 24
  • * Frostcrypt Essence | Weapon Camo, Tier 26
  • Ornate Officer | Outfit, All Male Humanoid Races, Tier 27
  • Cradle Hat | Accessory, Tier 27
  • Cradle Earrings | Accessory, Tier 27
  • Norno Rosette | Outfit, All Female Humanoid Races, Tier 28
  • Rosette Cap | Accessory, Tier 28
  • Untold Divinity Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs)| Male CAST, Tier 29
  • Xiangfu Set (Head, Arms, Body, Legs)| Female CAST, Tier 30
  • Photo Op | Emote, Tier 9

*Quantity of items rewarded is not listed above. Please consult the Mission Pass interface in-game to view quantities of items rewarded per Tier.

**Items offered again during Over Run mode are not listed, but are viewable via the Mission Pass interface in-game once Over Run mode has been activated.


Aside from all the cosmetic items you can get, DARKSTONE DEIMOS and LUMINCRYSTAL GRANIA are also featured in this Mission Pass as grand rewards, amongst other resources that are less valuable, and can be used to craft extremely rare items. Make sure to complete the Pass to not miss them.

There you have it, that’s every item you can get with this Season’s Mission Pass. New Class, new story Chapter and a new Level Cap are also highlighted, so make sure to continue your adventure in PSO2, on February 3.


- This article was updated on:February 6th, 2021

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