POE Price of Devotion Card Effects and How to Get

This card is used to create one of the game's best items.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Price of Devotion Card in Path of Exile
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The Price of Devotion is a Divination Card in Path of Exile and can be considered on the rarer side than other cards. Players will want to seek out this card, as it offers powerful effects and can be used to create arguably one of the best items in all of Path of Exile. So, how does one get their hands on the Price of Devotion Divination Card? Read on to figure out how to find this card and its effect and uses.

How to Get Path of Exile Price of Devotion Card

Players can find the Price of Devotion card after defeating Atziri of the Vaal — a demanding boss in Path of Exile. To find Atziri of the Vaal, players can use the Sacrifice Set in their map device to open portals to the Apex of Sacrifice. Before doing this, though, it is required that the player is at least level 70!

Players can also create the Price of Devotion card through the card’s recipes. The recipes is as follows: 5x The Gambler, 1x Stacked Deck, 1x The Void.

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Price of Devotion Card Effects and Purpose

Players can exchange a set of seven of the Price of Devotion cards to create a Mageblood heavy belt — one of the best items in the game. Mageblood has a variety of enhancements to the player’s characters, which are all listed below.

Note: Mageblood requires the player to be at level 44.

  • +25-35 Strength.
  • +30-50 Dexterity.
  • +15-25% to Fire resistance.
  • +15-25% to Cold Resistance.
  • Magic Utility flasks cannot be used.
  • Leftmost (2-4) Magic utility flasks consistently apply Flask effects to your character.
  • Magic utility flasks cannot be removed.

The Mageblood is the perfect addition to make your build stronger than it was before. You can’t go wrong with this rare item with high resistance and a massive bonus towards strength and dexterity. Combining Mageblood with corrupt gear will help even more — so you will want to know how to turn gear into its corrupt form.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2023

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