Path of Exile Crucible Console Release Time: When Does the Update Drop on PlayStation and Xbox?

Here's when you can play the new expansion on consoles.

by Christian Bognar
Path of Exile Crucible Release Date for Consoles
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The free online RPG game, Path of Exile, has recently received its Crucible expansion on April 7th, 2023, for PC, Steam and Mac. But what about consoles? Fans of the game have been wondering when they will be able to play the new expansion on Xbox or PlayStation as it’s bringing a whole new variety of gems, items, unique, and much more. If you are a console player, read further to find out the official release date of Path of Exile: Crucible.

When Will the Path of Exile: Crucible Expansion Come to PlayStation and Xbox Consoles?

The Path of Exile: Crucible expansion will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 12th, 2023 8:00 PM (EDT). In this latest expansion, players will learn about ancient titans who shaped the surface of the Wraeclast, as well as participate in the Crucible challenge league, new Vaal Skills, Atlas Gateways, and items to create new types of playstyles. Below we will give a quick glimpse of items included in the expansion.

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  • Quickstep – Performs quick teleports.
  • Snipe – Channel to charge up your bow.
  • Vaal Animate Weapon – Creates multiple melee weapon items and hovering blades to fight by your side. This is a great way to help with crowd control.
  • Momentum Support – Gain momentum when using support skills.
  • Vaal Ice Shot – Fires an arrow that converts some physical damage to cold on its target. Also, it converts all physical damage to cold in a cone behind that target.


  • Blood Price – Regenerate 200 life per second
  • Bloodnotch – 40-60% of damage taken from stunning hits is recovered into life.
  • Soulbound – Increases mana and skill attributes.
  • Stormseeker – Increases energy shield and maximum mana.
  • Tainted Pact – Increase strength.

This is a quick glimpse of what the new expansion will bring to Path of Exile. So much content is included that players will create some ridiculous builds—maybe even more powerful than before!

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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