Pokémon GO Gible Community Day Guide – Everything you Need to Know

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After years of waiting in anticipation Pokémon GO players are finally about to experience Gible Community Day. This rare creature is one of the best in the game, so everyone will be excitedly catching all that they can while they’re available. And with a few bonuses and an exclusive move thrown on top there’s a lot to keep track of throughout the event. To help, here’s our Gible Community Day event guide in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Gible Community Day Event Guide

The best way to break down everything you need to know about Gible Community Day is to answer all of the most frequently asked questions. These events happen every month, but this one is sure to be more popular than most of the latest celebrations simply for what Pokémon it will be featuring.

When is Gible Community Day, When does it End

Gible Community Day will start at 11am on Sunday, June 6th in your local time zone. As with all CD events, it will then last six hours, ending at 5pm. However, one aspect of the event will last for two additional hours, so see the full list of bonuses below for more details.

What are the Gible Community Day Bonuses

Here’s all of the many bonuses and features of the Gible Community Day event in Pokémon GO.

  • Increased Gible spawns in the wild
  • Boosted chances to catch Shiny Gible (see tips below)
  • Evolve Gabite to have a Garchomp that knows Earth Power as its Charged Attack
    • Lasts until 7pm local time
  • Gible photobombs – five total
  • 3x Catch XP
  • 3 hour Incense duration
  • Purchase the Just a Nibble ticket to receive a new Special Research quest
  • A Community Day Box in the in-game shop
    • Cost: 1,280 PokéCoins
    • 50 Ultra Balls
    • Five Incense
    • Five Lucky Eggs
    • An Elite Charged TM

Keep reading for more on some of the most important bonuses of the day.

Is it Worth Evolving Gible – Earth Power Garchomp Analysis

Garchomp is already one of the better Ground attackers in the game, both for PvP in the GO Battle League and for raids. Earth Power Garchomp is simply better in almost every way though. While the last few CD events have focused on PvP exclusive moves, this time it’s an all around boost to attack power.

Garchomp mostly works best in the Master League though, so if you’re a Great or Ultra League player exclusively then you can somewhat avoid spending the Gible Candy to evolve. But still, you’ll want a few for raids or the occasional ML match. Overall, you’ll be well served evolving a few Gible into Gabite and then into Earth Power Garchomp if you have the Candy to spare. You may not need a full team of six or anything, but there isn’t a lot of reason to avoid it this time, like there has been in the past.

How to Catch Shiny Gible

Shiny Gible has been available before, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has actually caught one. On Community Day though you’ll likely find a few just playing casually. If you focus on a few of our tips and tricks you can come away with a nice collection of Shiny Gible, and even evolve a few, especially if they have high IVs.

With this in mind, the Just a Nibble ticket will be a nice benefit, if you’re alright spending the $1, and can complete it during the event. The encounters will give you more chances, and will have better IVs than most wild catches. Otherwise make sure you perform the photobombs, and then it’s all about encountering as many Gible as you can in the wild.

Tap every Gible you see, and if you don’t have time to catch them and they aren’t shiny you can back out. You can also quick catch some for the Candy and boosted XP by dragging your finger and holding on the Berry menu button, grabbing and tossing the ball with you other hand, then releasing and tapping to exit. You can also keep track of which wild Gible you’ve already shiny checked by seeing if they are facing toward where you were standing when you might have encountered them.

And that’s our Gible Community Day event guide for Pokémon GO. Watch for more info as the event launches aorund the world.

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