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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Pikachu

by Kyle Hanson


Pikachu is essentially the poster child for Pokemon. Which means he will be a very popular Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. But how do you do it? Well, there are thankfully a couple of ways. You can, of course, toil away, wandering around the real world until you find one. Or you can simply catch him as a starter. We’ve laid out the steps for catching him as a starter in this guide. If you’re already past the point where you are picking a starter, and you don’t want to create a separate account, then keep reading. This is our guide on where to find Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question of where to find Pikachu in Pokemon Go. Pokemon spawn pretty randomly throughout the world. You can visit this other guide for some generic tips on how to find and catch Pokemon, but let’s focus in on Pikachu for now.

Pikachu is actually not too rare, at least in comparison to many Pokemon in Pokemon Go. He is electric type, so using that we can figure out a few spots to look. Try finding places around your current location that center around electricity. Science museums or actual power plants (though please avoid actually getting too close to the power plant, just try to stay somewhere near it).

If you’re close Pikachu should appear in your nearby list, which is on the bottom right. Once he appears there check to see how many steps are underneath him, indicating how far away he is from your current location. You can then tap him to enable a semi-tracker. Walking around you should be able to figure out which way you need to walk to head in Pikachu’s direction.

Unfortunately with a game like Pokemon Go that’s all I can offer in terms of help. The by far easiest way to catch Pikachu is as a starter, so check out our guide specifically on that topic if you’re able to start a fresh game.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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