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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Find and Catch Pokemon

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go, like all other Pokemon games, is all about finding and catching wild Pokemon. We’ve already covered where you go and what you do to find rare Pokemon in the game. However, what about just normal, everyday Pokemon? And what do you do once you find them? It’s easier, but the method can take a while to figure out. So here’s our guide on how to find and catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

So the key to understanding Pokemon Go is realizing that everything is based around the real world. To find Pokemon you physically have to move around the world. Do this, while keeping an eye on our phone screen, and you should see Pokemon popping up all around you. Specific types will show up in select areas, and they’re sometimes based around the surroundings, such as water types being near bodies of water.

If you don’t see any actual Pokemon on your screen then don’t worry. They are probably hiding in “the tall grass”. As you walk around in the world you should see rustling grass near your location. This is a hint as to the location of nearby Pokemon. Physically head to these locations and you should see a Pokemon. If you want a specific type just reference our earlier linked guide. If none of these seem to be getting you more Pokemon then you can use incense, an in-game item that lures nearby Pokemon to your location for a limited time.

Now the question is how to catch the Pokemon. You should see the Pokemon on your phone, superimposed onto the world via your camera. Point your phone at the Pokemon and press your finger onto the Pokeball displayed on your screen. If you have no Pokeballs then you’ll need to either buy some, or head to a nearby Pokestop, where you might get some for free.

Hold your finger on the Pokeball and watch the Pokemon. A ring will appear, and you want to fling the Pokeball when the ring is smallest. Make sure to fling it right at them, or you might miss and waste it. If it hits the Pokemon should go into the ball, and now it’s just a matter of luck. There’s now down-B to hold this time, just wait, watch, and hope.

If you’re lucky you’ll catch the Pokemon and gain a new friend for your Pokemon Go adventure.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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