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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Counter Regice

Here's how to beat Regice, the latest Legendary Raid in Pokemon GO.

by Kyle Hanson


Regice is here, being added to Pokemon GO’s ever expanding Legendary Raid roster just as Kyogre makes his second exit from the game. As the first of the Legendary Titan Pokemon, Regice has been highly anticipated, but actually beating him will be a huge challenge for trainers. You’ll have to work together, but most of all you’ll need powerful Pokemon to take him down. We’re here to help with a rundown of how to counter Regice in Pokemon GO.

As his name implies, Regice is an ice type Pokemon. The best counter for this is fire, obviously. But there are tons of fire characters out there. Which is best is the real question. Well, if you’ve been playing and doing your Legendary Raids like you should, then you probably have what you need to be a contributing member of a successful raid team.

Best Counters for Regice

Entei with Fire Spin and Overheat
Moltres with Fire Spin and Overheat
Charizard with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
Flareon with Fire Spin and Overheat
Ho-Oh with Steel Wing and Fire Blast

The above set of Pokemon is the best of the best, in proper order. If you have these Pokemon, make sure they have those moves, use a TM if you have to, and power them up. The higher the CP, the faster you deal damage and the sooner Regice is taken out.

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