Regice is the New Legendary Raid in Pokemon GO

The first of three highly anticipated Legendary Raid Pokemon is here.

by Kyle Hanson

Legendary and other types of raids have become a major component of Pokemon GO. These cooperative battles offer players a chance to earn valuable rewards, but the main goal is to catch the elusive and rare Legendary Pokemon. We’ve been through the legendary birds and the dogs, plus some others, but now we get to one that fans have been waiting for since the whole system debuted. Regice is the new Legendary Raid in Pokemon GO.

Regice is a part of a trio of Pokemon that are very powerful and very hard to catch in the main series games. He’ll likely be easier to get ahold of in Pokemon GO, but players will still need to team up with other trainers to do it. Once defeated you can toss your Premier Balls at the beast, but don’t be surprised if he runs, the odds are still low for a catch.

Regice will be available in raids until July 19th, so you have plenty of time to get out there and find one. After that we expect to see the others in his group cycle in. Regirock and Registeel would be up next, though the order is up to Niantic. And if you need help taking down Regice, check out our counter list here.

- This article was updated on June 21st, 2018