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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Walk and Move Around

| July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Walk and Move Around GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

For a mobile title, Pokemon Go is actually pretty complex. The game has a ton of different Pokemon to catch, and tons of new and different gameplay mechanics to mess with. But sometimes it’s the simple stuff that really messes players up. And with a game that acts so different from others that players are familiar with, the small stuff can totally screw with you. Still, it was surprising to hear that this was such a problem, but we’ll go ahead anyway. Here’s our very quick guide on how to walk or move in Pokemon Go.

So, the simple answer is…you walk. You see, Pokemon Go isn’t like other games. It actually uses the GPS in your mobile phone in order to determine where you are in “the game”. Everything in Pokemon Go is based around actual locations in the real world, so to move around in Pokemon Go and find the things you’re interested in, you actually have to physically walk and move around in the real world.

Driving works a well, and catching Pokemon can even work as someone else drives you around. You just need to watch the screen and be ready when a Pokemon is nearby. The range is still something people are trying to work out, but I’ve seen a lot of Pokemon get caught while in the car, or moving around via other means.

Essentially, you need to be constantly vigilant if you want to actually catch them all. You’ll also need to do a lot of walking and traveling. Pokemon are specific to areas and geographic details. If you want to catch some rare ones then check out this guide. Now that you know how to walk around in Pokemon Go it will be helpful for you.

If you have any other questions about Pokemon Go then just leave them in the comments below.

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  • AGD

    So if I have to physical move wouldn’t that ruin the game for people that don’t travel much or at all cuz then that would the game lame knowing that I have to go out and drive or walk in this case for me and for drivers that’s a waste of gas

    • Ashley Smith

      I’ve been walking around my house and my person’s feet are moving but pretty much stands in place…wish i could explore more ugh!!

      • Erik Stevens

        It’s not meant to be played in your house, that’s what makes this game so interesting. Get out and explore for real!

        • Karin Versendaal

          Then the game is nothing for ppl that cant walk and only can stay in house :(

        • Leopld

          I dont have internet on my phone what can i do to get to a pokestore?

        • Akamar

          I would, but my device doesn’t have cellular service, so I’m stuck to small wifi fed areas.

        • Pokyring19

          I honestly tried that too I really want to play this Pokemon go game

      • BGreen

        I’ve walked around my whole office and can’t get my person to move from the same spot – despite her feet moving!

        • arkham_city50

          I got out of my house and saw a Pokemon. When I tried to get to it. My character didn’t move all she does it move her feet. Wtf is this?

        • Pokyring19?

          I know it’s just so random once I can do it next I can’t…?

        • Poop

          You have to be in a bigger area I think

      • Tinylines

        This is the same thing that happens to me I will walk around but the guy in the game is like walking on the spot any help?

      • Kylee

        I have the same problem

      • arkham_city50


      • Tay Delaney

        I walked around my house and my person wouldn’t move, only her feet. So I went in my backyard, and she still did the same thing?! Agh I need help.

      • Scarlett & Maddie

        IKR plz someone help us

        • Fred

          the suggestions here: worked for my wife’s phone

          • Dave

            Okay! First of all, the character is as big as the average house, meaning moving from one side of a building to another, won’t make her move far, but since you are still moving, the character can’t just slide and it’s not smart enough to take a little tiptoe and it’s such a small movement so it’s virtually impossible so it’s normal what is happening to you! And secondly, make sure you have a good connection and the gps enabled so your game know where you are!

          • Dave

            Moving its feet is the only animation to a moving character, moving far or close, doesn’t matter! Hoped this helped :)

          • Pokyrong19?

            Hey are u two the same person? But anyway nothing for me to worry about?

          • Pokyring19?

            Spelled wrong it’s pokyring19?

          • Ross

            When i run around my drive will it still go towards me hatching an egg or will it not think ive moved?

          • Sonaida Vélez Muñiz

            I just began playing the game. I walked across my street all The way to The end and The character stayed moving only her feet and placed where my house supposed to be.

      • rizwan

        please tell me can we fight with pokemons in that game or just catch the pokemons :(

        • Sonya Sylvia

          If you go to the gyms you can fight, I heard they are going to add alot more to the game where you can fight without going to the gyms.

          • Pokyring19?

            Need to go to level five 5?

      • Tony Montana

        Same, the stupid dude just walks in place. Uninstalled

      • Zrujxaqt


      • m8keyfety

        Mine too mine does the same thing weird

      • m8keyfety

        Mine too mine dosn’t move when I move around my house

      • Pokyring19

        Yes that’s the same with me I walked probs few metres ?

  • Erin Foster

    What’s the point of the blue pulsating dot you get when you click on a place on the screen?

    • Dindu Nuffin

      There is no point. The whole game is completely pointless and a huge disappointment.


    Not everyone can leave their house so it would be nice to be able to play it in the house and not have to go outside

    • Yggy

      It’s not for those people. Not every game should cater to every person. That mindset is what kills the industry.

      • Victoria Wheeler

        I live in the Meth capital of Florida. I’m not going outside just to play a stupid game.

        • Jake Becker

          Yes you are too.

        • Jesse McClain

          Sounds perfect! Go out score some meth and walk until you die.

          • Victoria Wheeler

            or get killed. I died inside when I joined the Trainers Club and discovered the Pokemon Company had cleared out my Pokemons, so I’m a Trainer, in the Trainer’s Club, with no Pokemon.

      • Major Scale

        They already encourage players to go out with the Pokemon centers, gyms, and other things I haven’t been able to discover. I was just alerted of the game a couple of hours ago, and I can say I am very disappointed. It’s currently night where I am, along with a heavy storm, so I can’t even play the bloody game. When I get a new game, the first thing I usually do is play it, not wait until my schedule, the time of day, and weather all conveniently line up. It’s been pretty stormy where I am recently, so I don’t think I’ll get a chance to play this unless I’m willing to get myself and my phone soaking wet. On that note, I’m going to have to disagree with you. I think on things like this, they should cater to their fans, because this game is so far useless and a waste of my time.

        • Sonya Sylvia

          You don’t have to play it if you don’t like it, I’m very happy to see kids outside playing this and being social instead of isolating themselves in their rooms. Very well made I love it!

          • Major Scale

            The actual gameplay from what i’ve seen is fun. The fact is I, and other people obviously, want to actually be able to play the game when we are unable to go outside. It might not even be a fact of wanting to go outside, it may be what’s outside. And what about children who live in a bad area? Did they ever consider that? Are you guys saying that it’s fair some kids might be left out because they could be too poor or something to live in an area that’s considered safe? That’s extremely sad to think, but nobody here seems to cares.

          • RZW72

            The whole point of the game is to get kids to go outside and get exercise. A game that can be played indoors is fundamentally incompatible with the primary purpose of the game.

            Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrible that some kids can’t play the game because their neighborhoods are too dangerous. But we need to make those neighborhoods safe, not undermine a terrific, fun way for kids (and Millennials) to get exercise.

          • Sonya Sylvia

            You can catch a TON of them in the house just use the insence I have many times!

          • nuffsaid

            Why taking it so seriously?
            Get a life. Don’t play games if you’re that serious.
            Might as well read books.

          • Elijah Cantu

            U til they dont pay attwntion and gets hit amd it would be worse if the person that hots em are playing it too

            Until they get hit no paying attention and it would be worse if the person that hits them was playing it too.

          • Sonya Sylvia

            People who play it and aren’t paying attention is their own fault for not looking where they are going. The game even says to pay attention to your surroundings. I am 100% against anyone who attempts to play while driving that is just ignorant and should come with severe consequences.

          • Lea

            “Being social” = having their faces buried in a phone while they play a game app.

            It’s the same as playing in their rooms, only much less safe.

          • Sonya Sylvia

            People have been meeting at the gyms and talking and laughing and telling each other where more Pokémon are constantly! I took my daughter to the park and now she has two new friends that live in our complex that she plays with now that we didn’t even know lived there, so ya it helps kids make new friends

          • FireRed

            Whar about disabled kids? Ppl with illnesses

          • Sonya Sylvia

            There are plenty of games for disabled children, you can even catch them while sitting at home. I have gotten alot this way. Use the insence and they come right to you.

        • Boxoriddles

          The amazing tbing is you didn’t pay for it! Delete it and move on. Your complaint is like downloading minesweeper, not wanting to think, and wanting them to show or “cater” do you can still operate the game. Smh.

          • Major Scale

            As I said in my latest comment, I like the game, I just want to be able to play it in the comfort in my home. If you have a problem with that I don’t know how to help you. Smh right back at ya buddy.

  • Aurgo

    No matter how far I walk my trainer doesn’t move. Not even her feet….

    • Jaswan Litana

      Same here, all set fine! Walking, but cant move!

    • Angelica Green

      Yep I’m having the same problem.

    • Stephanie Bartee

      Is your GPS on? And is it working?

      • Alex Kotas

        Stephanie Bartee, exactly how do I check my GPS for the game??

    • Fred
      • lian

        Mr.Fred, I checked out the site and tried everything. My compass is perfectly fine and stable so it didn’t need calibration, a few satellites are visible and I’ve reset my GPS data. It didn’t help..
        My problem is that, my avatar doesn’t move, most of the time. If I walk forward, he just stands there. And then sometimes my avatar walks around by himself when I’m just standing still. This is all happening inside my house. When I went outside and roamed around, the game stopped turning at times, like the compass stopped working. And my character did move but not consistently and also not a good distance. One more problem is that sometimes as i turn my phone around, my avatar ends up facing towards me..
        Can you please help me

  • Jeremy

    I just caught the very first Pokemon during the tutorial and it gave me my first task I try to walk aroun and my characters feet move and but I stay in the Same place. How do I fix it or go to the real world mode?

  • HttydLover15

    I have an IPod touch and it doesn’t cooperate I wish it wasn’t a gps game I really wanted to play it :(

  • Gavin Criley

    When you have to use your phone data cause you can’t play in the house… why Pokémon why? I love the franchise and wanted to play this but I have to be driving or going on a walk to play it!? Seriously!? This game literally promotes being on your phone while driving and the big point of my walks is to take a brake from electronics for a bit… I’m disappointed in you!

  • raghav pareek

    I am physically walking but the player doesn’t move and when I stop it sometimes starts to run anywhere and walk anywhere please help me

  • Lilly riddlr

    Im moving but my character is not HELP please

    • MicHELLe

      I have the same problem

    • liske

      moving in your room/house doesnt count,you have to walk outside or drive

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        false, your gps position has to change but that is it. If you move within your house it might register as a change of location via gps, but it may not register since you are moving a small distance ans some phone GPS systems have more accurate GPS coordinates, sometimes your GPS coordinates are also just more accurate because the Global positioning satellites can sync with your phone better in different locations.

        • liske

          The distance walked is extremly irrelevant and you have a really really small chance of finding anything,you might bump in to a pidgey once a day but thats about it

  • Karin Versendaal

    is there a possebility to move in the game cuz i only can stay in bed and cant move now :(

  • Karin Versendaal

    then i can do only `1 thing… delete the game sadly cuz i wanna play pokemon again but cuz of health i cant go out so not play .. not funny this way this is in my eyes discrimination for ppl that are sick or always in pain

  • Nyaru

    i walked for 2 hours and I didn’t find any pokemons
    help me

  • Jeremy

    How do you go into the first person mode that uses the real world and how do i move my guys feet move and it stays where it is

    • Zibidibodel

      There isn’t any “real world mode” in first person. Your character moves around based on your GPS.

    • Fred

      augmented reality, where the Pokemon “shows up in the real world” only happens once you encounter a wild Pokemon. If you turn this feature off, it may save your battery a little bit, and will certainly make it easier to catch Pokemon. otherwise it’s like you are looking at a map from a slight angle.

  • Zach Despain

    So I walked up and down my street and my avatar doesn’t even turn. Is this a known error, possibly a fix?

  • Major Scale

    I’m walking around, and my character is sitting there awkwardly rotating, and sometimes walking in place. I was never really hyped for the game, but this is just disappointing. I don’t think I’ve moved at all since I’ve started. This sucks.

  • Brandon Walker

    Do you have to rely on the Pokemon nearby indicator or can they be found anywhere no matter what the nearby indicated says?

    • Fred

      the indicator helps, but I have only actually used it once to find a Pikachu. I usually don’t look at my phone unless I am near a poke-stop. I wait till it vibrates and then that means that there is a Pokemon nearby. It has worked pretty well so far for me, and it is safer than staring at your phone while walking.

  • Kiera

    Why can’t I move it just comes up GPS signal not found how do I fix that?

  • Brit

    My person doesn’t even move when I do

  • Ijustneededhelpwhydidisignup

    I am walking around but my avatar wont move help

  • RichKiddLifestyle OG

    I walked around my block and my player would stop moving. No feet or anything. I need to pull up my menu bar (iPhone) and turn Bluetooth off and on to start moving for like 5 seconds then it stops moving again. Plz help!!! I can make a video of it if you need it.

  • jane hayas (kitkat)

    The game should really be supported on more platforms. I can’t use my phone to play the game since its unsupported, and my ipod can’t leave the house since it will loose internet connection and make the game useless since it needs internet to play : and simply walking around your house isn’t good enough (and i have a pretty decent sized house) I’m literally going to the edges of where my wifi is and can’t find any pokemon at all (so walking in the woods and such) plus my character doesn’t move at all!!

  • taco

    Rah im not wasting data on a game….

  • Amber

    When I walk my avatar doesn’t move. I have to close the app and reopen when I get to a new spot.

    • pinkfreud62 .

      I haven’t been outside to try mine yet, but it seems to be working in my house and around my yard. Maybe you could just uninstall the app and try re-installing.

  • Sadie Boettger

    I can’t get in to first person and I can’t see the Pokemon.

  • Breanna

    I know I’m supposed to walk irl but when ever I do my avatar stays in one spot! I don’t know what I am doing wrong can someone help me?

  • Zeyad Hesham

    does the game need compass to play it ?

  • Sara Vryonidi

    I walked outside in the real world and it didnt move.
    Plus,i dont get it. The app doesnt open my camera i jist see the visual map.

  • No Name

    Tried this both in my backyard and house and my character won’t move. At best will rotate or walk somewhat in front of them when I refresh the app which doesn’t get me anywhere. Help?

    • Derrl Jones

      I think da game just broke we all having da same problem

      • Pokyring19?

        You spelled the da so…hehe?Just saying…..

  • Juliana

    How do you make them go un a dirección You want cuz mime just wonders around

  • Petar Parpov

    Sometimes when I stay in one place my character goes somewhere else. Is it because I have a.bad Internet connection phone is slow or c.the servers can’t handle so much players (Sony Xperia M2 Aqua)

  • rizwan

    please tell me can we fight with pokemons in that game or just catch the pokemons

  • Shjc xxrgbv

    Thus dosent help my lg wont let me walk i really want it to work but it never will so

  • Faith

    How do you catch them I Know you walk around where ever you are and watch the screen carefully and it will aventaly move around. But you half to walk away from them.

  • Elisa

    How to walk in that game

  • Shubham Pandey Venky

    I walked in the real world bt still my,avtar is not moving its just walk few steos and change its direction of walking.what should i do?? Plzz someone help me??

  • Darshan G. Ostwal

    I am walking in real world but then too my player in the Pokemon go game is not walking. Why?

  • lian

    this was a lot of help thanks?????

  • Lol123

    Its says above my screen that “GPS signal not found” , But I have location turned on! Please help??

  • Ken Soong

    I walk around see nothing pop out just avatar only

  • Jagrit

    I am walking around my house but it is not just moving

  • Jaz

    Pokemon Go keeps giving me a notice that the GPS isn’t working. I allowed Pokemon Go to access it, but it won’t work, so I can’t move around in the game. That also means I can’t catch any more Pokemon.Is there any way to fix it?

  • Lozzie E

    This sucks for me because I can’t walk properly and it hurts like hell to walk
    Although you can also buy loads of incense and just wait,

  • Emily

    Mmy pokemon go says no gps signal found so i cant walk physically what do i do?
    Thans :D

  • Andy Smith

    Are these comments for real

  • Marie

    So… do you not battle other trainers!? I can’t train my Charmander? I just got to use my points and upgrade him? That sucks. I want to train him! I just throw my Pokeballs and catch everyone? Back in yhe GB days you actually had work cut out for you. Meh…. I am cool. Doubt I will use it much. But yeah!!! I caught a Pidgey, Metapod, Zubat and Krabby!!!! YEAAAHHH *peace sign*

  • Piiiiin

    It does not let me turn my GPS on or walk around and I am getting frustrated someone plz help

  • Kyoshi64

    Hey it would be awesome if they could put a d-pad or something on there.

  • Porsha

    what type of GPS do we have to use when playing the game?

  • Fred Cuizon

    Hey guys! I really need some help. My character won’t move. Even I’m walking around running. There’s no problem with the GPS it’s good. Hope you guys can help me.

  • marylamb

    I did everything, I walked outside our village but my character still don’t move. What should I do then???

  • bharani

    When I walk also the character is not moving what to do

  • acbcd

    the internet range doesnot reach there and there can occur accident. if we move also the avatar doesnot move.

  • Alex Kotas

    How do I switch to camera mode for the game. It’s stuck on an unknown map.

  • Aishik Sarkar

    I am moving here and there but the character in the game don’t moving. Please anyone can help me to move the character.

  • Aishik Sarkar

    I am moving here and there but the character in the game don’t moving. Please anyone can help me to move the character.

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