Pokemon Go Guide: How to Walk and Move Around

by Kyle Hanson


For a mobile title, Pokemon Go is actually pretty complex. The game has a ton of different Pokemon to catch, and tons of new and different gameplay mechanics to mess with. But sometimes it’s the simple stuff that really messes players up. And with a game that acts so different from others that players are familiar with, the small stuff can totally screw with you. Still, it was surprising to hear that this was such a problem, but we’ll go ahead anyway. Here’s our very quick guide on how to walk or move in Pokemon Go.

So, the simple answer is…you walk. You see, Pokemon Go isn’t like other games. It actually uses the GPS in your mobile phone in order to determine where you are in “the game”. Everything in Pokemon Go is based around actual locations in the real world, so to move around in Pokemon Go and find the things you’re interested in, you actually have to physically walk and move around in the real world.

Driving works a well, and catching Pokemon can even work as someone else drives you around. You just need to watch the screen and be ready when a Pokemon is nearby. The range is still something people are trying to work out, but I’ve seen a lot of Pokemon get caught while in the car, or moving around via other means.

Essentially, you need to be constantly vigilant if you want to actually catch them all. You’ll also need to do a lot of walking and traveling. Pokemon are specific to areas and geographic details. If you want to catch some rare ones then check out this guide. Now that you know how to walk around in Pokemon Go it will be helpful for you.

If you have any other questions about Pokemon Go then just leave them in the comments below.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018

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