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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Miltank for the Johto Collection Challenge

And how to get shiny Miltank

by Kyle Hanson


Pokémon GO has been counting down the weeks to the special Kanto event scheduled for mid February by celebrating all the various regions found in the games. It’s Johto’s turn in the spotlight and the Johto Celebration Event is kicking off now around the world. One of the biggest parts of the event is the Johto Collection Challenge which tasks you with collecting various species from the region. While many are easy to find, others are difficult, and one has its shiny form boosted during the event. To help here’s how to catch Miltank for the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO, as well as how to get shiny Miltank before it ends.

How to Catch Miltank

Miltank is offered in a number of ways during the Johto Collection Challenge event. The Pokémon will spawn more often in the wild, however the rate will still be lower than most of the other boosted characters, and might elude those who aren’t exploring the area too much. Instead of relying on stumbling across one there’s two other ways to try to catch Miltank before the Collection Challenge ends.

Miltank will also be featured in 3 star raids at random gyms throughout the event, which runs from January 26th to the 31st at 8pm. Be sure to check your local gyms to see if any appears. If it does then grab a couple of friends and take them down. As a Normal type Pokémon, Miltank is vulnerable to Fighting type attackers so use your most powerful and you shouldn’t have much of a problem defeating it.

Otherwise you’re stuck relying on Field Research tasks, which are even more random than the methods listed above. The one you’ll be looking for is Use 7 Berries to help catch Pokémon, which will always reward a Miltank. Now that you know how to catch one, yo might wonder how you can get a shiny Miltank.

How to Get Shiny Miltank

The shiny odds for Miltank are boosted throughout the Johto Celebration Event, so the more you encounter, the better your chances are all around. While you may only need one for the Johto Collection Challenge, you will want to encounter all of them that you can if you want the newly released shiny Miltank.

All of the methods above offer solid chances of being shiny so focus on any that are available to you. Raids and Research can sometimes have better odds, though we do not have confirmation of this just yet. So the key is simply to encounter as many as you possibly can while the event is live and the shiny chances are at their highest.

And that’s how to catch Miltank for the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO, and some tips for how to get shiny Miltank.

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