Pokemon GO: How to Catch Morelull and Shiinotic and Can They Be Shiny?

Find out how you can catch Morelull and Shiinotic!

by Kara Phillips


New events in Pokemon GO always introduce exciting features and debuts, so it’s no surprise that Morelull and Shiinotic fell into the category of event Pokemon. This enchanting duo is a worthy addition to any team, and trainers should definitely try and get ahold of one if they have the chance, especially during a period when spawn rates are increased. Despite being members of the seventh generation, it’s taken a while for the two to make their first appearance in the mobile game, so read on to find out how you can catch both.

How to Catch Morelull and Shiinotic in Pokemon GO

Morelull and Shiinotic made their debut in Pokemon GO during the Festival of Lights event in October 2022. While Morelull became one of the many Pokemon to spawn naturally in the wild, Shiinotic is slightly harder to get ahold of and tends to spawn naturally less frequently. Morelull can be evolved into Shiinotic using fifty candies, so it’s best to catch as many Morelull as possible when you come across them. Unfortunately, the pair do not have a shiny equivalent in Pokemon GO, but that’s not to say it won’t be implemented later down the line. Additionally, due to being an event debut, it’s best to make sure you have as many Pokeballs as possible just in case they put up a fight.

Several Pokemon made their debut a few months before their shiny version was implemented, which may be the case for these two mushrooms. For example, Munna had to wait a handful of months before the shiny variation was implemented. Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye out for the next event to see if Morelull and Shiinotic have finally received an alternate look. Although there’s no tactical advantage to having a shiny Pokemon on your team, the feeling of encountering one of these rarities is pretty unmatched.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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