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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Shiny Darumaka

Where to find and how to get Shiny Darumaka

by Kyle Hanson


While Pokémon GO fans already sought out the powerful Fire type Pokémon whenever possible, now that Shiny Darumaka is in the game it’s a whole new era. Players will want to catch as many of this powerful character as they can while they are more readily available as part of the latest event. But beyond that, this is the first time its shiny variant has been available in the game. To help you add it to your collection here’s some tips and tricks for how to catch Shiny Darumaka in Pokémon GO.

How to Catch Shiny Darumaka in Pokémon GO

Shiny Darumaka is being added to Pokémon GO as part of the new Fifth Anniversary event which will kick off very soon. Of course, even once the event is over you’ll be able to find and catch Shiny Darumaka, but it will be much harder. During the next week and a half there will be many more opportunities to find one, though the shiny rate has likely not been boosted as has been done in other events. So it will still be a challenge, and you will need to get lucky, but with these tips you can increase your chances as much as possible.

It all boils down to encountering as many Darumaka as you can. This means that you’ll want to check the wild spawns whenever possible, and even augment them by having Incense and/or Lure Modules active whenever possible. Darumaka is not specifically listed as being boosted by Lures though, so save those for when you are out of Incense or can’t explore the wild more often.

However, the best method for finding and catching Shiny Darumaka during the Fifth Anniversary event will be to do as many raids as you can. Shiny odds are always a bit better doing raids (UPDATE: this is true for Legendary raids, but the data is less clear on others), even if they do get a bit pricey if you’re using Premium Battle Passes. If you make sure to use your free daily pass though, you will get a few more encounters with better shiny odds, letting you focus on wild spawns and Incense for the rest of the event.

And that’s how to catch Shiny Darumaka in Pokémon GO.

- This article was updated on July 11th, 2021

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