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Pokémon GO – How to Get Diggersby (Spring Collection Challenge)

Diggersby can't be caught

by Kyle Hanson


The Spring Collection Challenge is on in Pokémon GO and while most of the tasks are clear, Diggersby is confusing many. In most previous objectives like this you had to catch all the required characters. While some others mixed things up, they were just one way of checking off all of the boxes. And they were always really picky about how you did things, like eggs not counting as a “catch”. So, to help clear things up, here’s how to get Diggersby for the Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Diggersby – Spring into Spring Collection Challenge

When looking at the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge objective you might notice a small symbol next to some of the Pokémon. Diggersby is one of them, and that symbol tells you how to get him to mark as complete for the task. It’s the evolve symbol, as seen during the Kanto Tour where there was a specific Challenge based just on evolving Pokémon. So, putting this together we can see the solution.

To check off Diggersby in your Spring into Spring Collection Challenge you just need to take a Bunnelby and evolve them into Diggersby. This simply costs 50 Bunnelby Candy, so you should have that already if you play pretty often. Otherwise, they are a part of the event so just check the Wild, use an Incense, beat them in raids, or hatch them from eggs. And since this is the first appearance of Shiny Bunnelby, you’ll want to encounter them a bunch anyway to try to get one.

So once you have the 50 Bunnelby Candy just evolve them, and that’s how to get Diggersby for the Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO. Finish it all up and you’ll get the listed rewards. For other info about the event, check out our full guide.

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