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Pokémon GO – How to Get Galarian Yamask

You won't get very many

by Kyle Hanson


Yamask may have been available during previous events in Pokémon GO, but there’s a new one out there that you’ll want to catch. Introduced during the latest Halloween event, Galarian Yamask is a new form of the spooky ghost-type Pokémon. It adds in Ground to make it a dual type and has a totally different evolved form. So if you want that complete Pokédex you’re going to want to get this guy soon. Thankfully it’s pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much, or any luck. So here’s how to get Galarian Yamask in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Galarian Yamask

Unovan Yamask appeared in the wild and was awarded through various research tasks, but for Galarian Yamask the search has mostly been removed. Instead he is a reward for completing Stage 3 of the A Spooky Message Unmasked Special Research. You can see all of the tasks and rewards at that link, but if Galarian Yamask is your main goal then step 3 is the big one. By finishing it, which requires you to catch 40 Ghost-type Pokémon, make 9 great throws, and catch 49 Pokémon, you will be rewarded with a Galarian Yamask encounter once you claim your final rewards.

Of course, once you catch one you will want at least one more. Unfortunately at this time there is no known way to catch a second one or any more. This will likely change at some point, as many players prefer to keep a live copy of every species of Pokémon in the game, but none is available at this time. If they do get added the most likely way is through raids or eggs (7km eggs would be my guess), as that’s how Niantic has been introducing new characters lately.

We’ll have to wait and see if more opportunities come around, but for now that’s how to get Galarian Yamask in Pokémon GO.

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