Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Aron During Hoenn Celebration Event

Catch shiny Aron before the odds aren't in your favor

by Kyle Hanson

The Hoenn Celebration Event has begun all around the world in Pokémon GO, and while there’s a ton to enjoy about the event only one thing is on the mind of all the shiny hunters out there. Shiny Aron was introduced to the game a long time ago, but has always been one of the game’s rarest. No other event gave boosted chances of catching shiny Aron before (that we recall, at least), so it’s significant that it will be boosted for the next five days. Here’s how to get shiny Aron during the Hoenn Celebration Event in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Shiny Aron, Lairon, and Aggron

As I said above, the odds of catching shiny Aron have been boosted by the Hoenn Celebration event. Though we don’t yet know the exact figure, it should be significantly better than the usual one in 450 that you get from standard encounters without an active event. And on top of this, Aron will be easier to get in a few different ways, making this the perfect time to focus on hunting your own shiny Aron.

The best way to get one is in the wild, especially during Snow or Partly Cloudy weather, as Aron is among the Pokémon with boosted spawn rates during the Hoenn Celebration Event. It’s a part of the Hoenn Collection Challenge as well, so you should already be working to catch one. Using an Incense of activating a Lure on a Poké Stop will help give you more chances of seeing one spawn in the wild. On top of this though, there are two ways to try to get shiny Aron while the Hoenn Celebration Event is going on.

Aron will also be added to the 5km egg pool during the event, so try to get some eggs before the celebration concludes. Also, from January 19th to the 24th special Field Research tasks will be given from Poké Stops. “Power up Pokémon 5 Times” will reward you with an Aron encounter, with the chance of it being shiny in both cases.

Focus on those three things, catching one in the wild, getting one from a 5km egg, or completing the “Power up Pokémon 5 Times” Field Research task and that’s how to get shiny Aron during the Hoenn Celebration Event in Pokémon GO. And if you want shiny Lairon and Aggron you just need to evolve him, so hopefully you end up with three total before the boosted odds end.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2021