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Pokémon GO – How To Get Shiny Marill

Get the green version of the Water/Fairy type.

by Dean James


Pokémon GO has been consistently having event after event going on for awhile now, sometimes with multiple even going on at once. The biggest event right now is the new Luminous Legends event to celebrate the introduction of the Kalos region legendaries to the game. This started last week with Xerneas and will continue with the addition of Yveltal next week as well. While that even is ongoing, Niantic is also having a special event tied around the second generation Pokémon Marill and this guide will tell you how you can get a shiny version during the event.

How To Get Shiny Marill

Niantic occasionally has special one day events separate from the usual Community Days where there is a certain Pokémon that the event is themed after, but you won’t just find them spawning in the wild. Instead, these events require you to continually complete special research that will give you more and more attempts to catch said Pokémon. This time around the focus is on the Water/Fairy type from the Johto region, Marill.

You can read here in another guide about the different research that you can complete, but we want to specifically talk about how to get a shiny Marill during this event. As with many of these events, the shiny odds for Marill should be boosted more than usual.

As a result of the boosted shiny odds, you want to try and get as many Marill encounters as you can. By completing the various tasks in the special research pages that just keep on coming, you will get plenty of Marill encounters throughout the day. Keep doing these and there’s a very good chance you will end up running across a shiny variant of Marill, which is green instead of blue.

This event will run from Sunday, May 9 at 8 am local time to 10 pm local time, so make sure to take advantage and try to get a shiny Marill while it is going on. This is going to be your best chance to get a shiny Marill in Pokémon GO outside of the chance it ever gets a Community Day, so don’t miss out!

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