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Pokémon GO – How To Get Shiny Swablu On Community Day

How To Get Shiny Altaria as well.

by Dean James


Pokémon GO already has plenty of events going on right now, including the Luminous Legends one that has introduced Xerneas and is about to introduce Yveltal to the game for the first time. Around all of these special events, Pokémon GO always has their monthly Community Day events going on as well. Last month’s put Snivy in the spotlight and now the May 2021 Community Day is celebrating Swablu, the third generation Normal/Flying type.  Not only are people going to want to get many Swablu during the event, but especially a shiny yellow one and this guide will tell you how you can acquire one on Community Day.

How To Get Shiny Swablu On Community Day

This Community Day comes at just the right time during an event that is partially celebrating Dragon types, as Swablu evolves into the Dragon/Flying type Altaria. On top of that, the game is introduced Mega Altaria into the mix as well, so this is one of the most important Community Days we’ve seen. Everyone is going to want to have a shiny Altaria, and in turn a shiny Mega Altaria, with this being your best chance ever to get one.

As with all Community Days, Swablu will be spawning during the event that runs from 11 am local time to 5:00 pm local time. While there will occasionally be other Pokémon spawning, Swablu should be the one you see more than any other. On top of that, the shiny rate for Swablu is also increased during the event, which makes our life a little easier.

At the minimum, you should just keep trying to find more and more Swablu. You can find them just spawning like normal if you’re walking around or through Incense if you are staying at home for the event. Just keep trying to catch them and you should eventually run around at least one shiny version if you are playing for awhile during the event.

You can further increase your chances of getting a shiny Swablu as well by completing the special research that is part of the “Cotton-Winged Bird” ticket. This four page research will reward you with multiple Swablu encounters, which also have an increased shiny rate. There will also be Field Research that you can get at PokéStops that can give you additional encounters with Swablu as well.

As is typically the case with shinies, your best way to get a shiny is to just keep encountering more and more Swablu, whether that’s in the wild or as rewards for completing tasks. Either way, best of luck catching some shiny Swablu in preparation for the arrival of Mega Altaria right at the end of Community Day.

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