Pokemon GO March 2022 Spotlight Hour Schedule: Cubone, Exeggcute, Grolithe, and More

Here is the Spotlight Hour Schedule for March 2022.

by Noah Nelson


March 2022 is here, and with it, a new Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule. Every Tuesday of each month, Trainers will have the opportunity to catch as many of the featured Pokemon as they can during the Spotlight Hour. For March, there are five Tuesdays which means there are five Spotlight Hours to enjoy.

In this guide, we will break down which featured Pokemon will be available in which Spotlight Hour, what the Spotlight Hour bonus will be, and if the Pokemon can be shiny or not. Every Spotlight Hour takes place on Tuesday between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. local time. So, without further adieu, here is everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour events for March 2022.


Cubone – March 1st

Sneaking up with the close of February, the first Spotlight Hour for March 2022 is on March 1st and features Cubone. Cubone is a Ground-type Pokemon that evolves into Marowak after being fed 50 Candy. Lucky for you, the active bonus during this Spotlight Hour is 2x Transfer Candy, meaning you can earn your way to Marowak a lot faster during the event.

Cubone can be shiny in Pokemon GO. So, whether you already have a Cubone and want to evolve it into a Marowak or are on the hunt for the shiny Cubone, this Spotlight Hour is your chance.


Exeggcute – March 8th

The second Spotlight Hour in the month of March is Exeggcute on March 8th. What is special about Exeggcute with the introduction of Season of Alola is that it can be evolved into Alolan Exeggcutor. The active bonus during the Exeggcute Spotlight Hour is 2x Evolution XP, which is a nudge from Niantic to get yourself an Alolan Exeggcutor during the event.

Exeggcute can be shiny in Pokemon GO. We are two for two with shiny Pokemon for March 2022 Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO; let’s see if we can keep it up.


Growlithe – March 15th

Growlithe is the third Spotlight Hour Pokemon which takes place on March 15th. Growlithe is a Fire-type Pokemon that is as cute as it is powerful. With 50 Candy, you will be able to evolve Growlithe into Arcanine. The active bonus during the Growlithe Spotlight Hour is 2x Catch Stardust which is great because Stardust might be more valuable than Candy in Pokemon GO.

Growlithe can be shiny in Pokemon GO. The Growlithe Spotlight Hour is the perfect chance to catch yourself a shiny Growlithe, so mark it on your calendars.


Sudowoodo – March 22nd

The fourth Spotlight Hour happening on March 22nd is Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo is a Wood-type Pokemon (naturally) and is the evolution of Bonsly, so you get to skip a step with this Spotlight Hour. The active bonus during the Sudowoodo Spotlight Hour is 2x Catch XP.

Sudowoodo can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Four Pokemon during the March Spotlight Hours are shiny, one to go.


Paras – March 29th

The last Spotlight Hour takes place on March 29th and features Paras. Paras is a Bug- and Grass-Type Pokemon that evolves into Parasect with 50 Candy. The active bonus during the Paras Spotlight Hour is 2x Catch Candy which you will need to evolve it to Parasect.

Paras can be shiny in Pokemon GO. And with that, we have all the featured Pokemon in the March 2022 Spotlight Hour events as shiny.

Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.

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