Pokemon GO May 2022 Spotlight Hour Schedule

Find out who the next group of Spotlight Hour Pokemon will be for the month of May!

by Shaun Cichacki


As the weather begins to warm up, Pokemon GO may start calling your name, once again. Getting outside and making your way around different areas in search of new Pokemon is something that many people would have dreamed of years ago, but thanks to Niantic, we can all experience this with the help of our phones.

Each and every month, you’ll come across a new list of Pokemon that receive a little extra love and attention, even if it is just for one hour on a specific day. However, taking advantage of that while it’s happening can net you some great rewards. Who is going to be the Spotlight Hour Pokemon for the month of May? Let’s dive in and take a look!

Pokemon GO – May 2022 Spotlight Hour


As you make your way back outside,  you’ll be able to take advantage of these special Spotlight Hour events on specific days from 6 pm to 7 pm local time, so make sure that you’re ready to catch ’em all during this time frame!

For the month of May, you’ll be looking for these specific Pokemon on these days:

Date Spotlight Pokemon Spotlight Bonus
May 3rd Wingull 2x Catch Candy
May 10th Numel 2x Transfer Candy
May 17th Magikarp 2x Evolution XP
May 24th Seel 2x Catch Stardust
May 31 Pikipek 2x Catch XP

For players that may not be familiar with the concept of Spotlight Hour, you’ll see a large increase in Spawn Rates for the specific Pokemon of the hour during the dates listed above. The Spotlight Hour is perfect for players that are looking to not only fill up their Pokedex but for those that need the extra Pokemon Candy to help power up and evolve different Pokemon.

Let’s use May 17th, Magikarp for example. You’ll find an excessive amount of Magikarp in the overworld, where you’ll be able to catch a massive amount of them. You’ll also be able to find them as Shiny Pokemon, so you can work on evolving your best catch into an absolutely monstrous Gyarados with the help of your 2X Evolution XP Bonus that you’ll be receiving for Spotlight Hour!

This helps bring Pokemon that are sometimes ignored into the Spotlight, allowing players to get to and love all of the different Pokemon that are in the game. Plus, the bonuses that you receive are a nice way to make sure that you can unlock their true potential, and make them into permanent members of your team!

Pokemon GO is available now on all mobile devices.

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