Pokemon GO Tyranitar Weaknesses and Counters

Take down this powerful beast with these counters

by Caleb Stultz


Tyranitar is one of the classic big-name Pokemon of the second generation back in 1999 with the games Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold, and inevitably Pokemon Crystal. It evolves from the small Larvitar and then its cocoon-like shaped Pupitar at level 55. The Dark- and Rock-Type Pokemon is a formidable defensive tank with a diverse move set. Without proper planning, Trainers may find it difficult to take down this mighty Pokemon. In this guide, we will show you, in the game Pokemon Go, Tyranitar’s weaknesses and counters.

Pokemon GO Tyranitar Weaknesses and Counters

With its Dark- and Rock-Typing, Tyranitar is the only Pokemon, up to Generation 8 with that Type combination. Both Types are weak to Fighting-Type moves. With both Types together, like in Tyranitar’s case, Fighting-Type moves do double the damage.

In Pokemon Go, that means Fighting-Type moves do 256% damage against Tyranitar, making them the perfect choice.

Other weaknesses Tyranitar has include Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Fairy and Grass moves. Any Pokemon with these Type moves are also solid choices against Tyranitar.

Be sure not to bring any Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire, Ghost and Dark Pokemon, as they are weak against Tyranitar. Tyranitar is also resistant to Psychic damage, completely nullifying damage from this Type.

Tyranitar Counters

Though you would think to just bring the highest CP Pokemon with a Type that is super-effective against Tyranitar, think again. There may be more options that have better matchups against this beast. Here are some Pokemon that have great counters to Tyranitar.

  • Lucario: This counter not only is a Fighting-Type which we mentioned is perfect for this fight, but with its secondary Steel-Typing, it is the perfect counter to Tyranitar’s Dark- and Rock-Type.
    • Use the signature combination of Counter and Aura Sphere to dice up Tyranitar fast. Opening with Aura Sphere and then going with a Counter will destroy this Pokemon quickly.
  • Phermosa: The dual-Type Fighting and Bug Pokemon can take Tyranitar on with two super-effective Types. It’s a glass cannon, though, so be fast and calculated with how you use this powerful Pokemon.
    • A good combination move set with this Pokemon includes Low Kick and Close Combat. Since Tyranitar is considered a “heavy” Pokemon, using Low Kick is perfect to topple this tower of a Pokemon.

And that is all the Pokemon GO Tyranitar Weaknesses and Counters.

Pokemon Go is available now on all mobile devices.

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