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Pokemon Let’s Go How to Get Excellent Throws

Wait for the circle to shrink.

by William Schwartz


Getting Excellent Throws is a great way to earn some extra XP points when catching Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go.  Getting an Excellent Throw in Pokemon Let’s Go basically comes down to timing and knowing when to throw your Pokeball to get the excellent rating and increase your Bonus Multiplier.

When you begin trying to catch a Pokemon you will ready yourself.  At which point you’ll see a green circle that is shrinking.  You’ll want to time your throw to hit the Pokemon with the Pokeball at the point when the circle is the smallest.  The hard part about getting the Excellent throw is that the timing needs to be precise as you only have moments before an Excellent throw can turn into a miss.


To get the Excellent throw you’re going to want to make sure that you do the throwing motion in a straight manner and you’re gonna want to look out for the Pokemon’s movement and the timing of the circle.  Once you make sure that the Pokemon isn’t moving and you’ve got a feel for how fast the circle is moving you can take your crack at the Excellent throw.  Getting the Excellent Throw isn’t an exact science as different Pokemon have different requirements.

For great throws, just make sure that the circle has shrunk a little before throwing.  Once you’ve got the great throw mastered you’re going to want to wait just a little longer to get the Excellent throw by letting the circle shrink a bit more.

Excellent throws are another way to level up fast in Pokemon Let’s Go because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stack bonuses with combos.

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