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Pokemon Let’s Go How to Get Gold Bottle Caps

Farm gold bottle caps every day in Pokemon Let's Go.

by William Schwartz


Gold Bottle Caps in Pokemon Let’s Go are unique rare items that can be found in the game will allow you to max out a Pokemon’s IV via Hyper Training and Bottle Cap collecting.  You will need to be level 100 to do this, but it will allow you to perfect your Pokemon.  There is a method to farming Gold Bottom Caps in Pokemon Let’s Go and you can do so from heading to the Celadon Game Corner.

In the Celadon Game Corner there are five spots that are hidden in the location that have the chance of spawning a Gold Bottle Cap.  The Gold Bottle Cap is a random spawn so you may need to try this method a few times before getting one.

How to farm Gold Bottle Caps

The trick to getting at least on Gold Bottle Cap every day in Pokemon Let’s Go is to head over to the Game Corner at Celadon and save your game before heading inside.  Once you’ve saved you can head inside to inspect five different spots in the building that will spawn random rare items.  From left to right in the building you can check the bottom left corner of the Game Corner next to the brown pillar.  Next head to top left corner of the room and look on the floor between the red box and blue desk just in front of the doorway.  For the third location you can head to the middle row of the Game Corner and then look just between the top two arcade station stools.  For the fourth location head to the next row and look just to the left of the potted plant on the floor next to the first arcade machine.  The final spot to look will in the lounge area on the right of the Game Corner.  In the entry way to area with couches you can look on the floor in between the rows of shelves with potted plants on them.

You will get a lot of different items from visiting this location. You find different types of candies, typically.  But there is also a chance for a gold bottle cap to spawn here.  So if you don’t get the gold bottle cap on your first try in looking at these five spots you can simply load your save and start again, loading you in before you head into the Game Corner.  So long as you save prior to going into the Game Corner the items that spawn will change.

Thanks to the unnamed Attack of the Fanboy reader who submitted this tip.

- This article was updated on:November 22nd, 2018

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