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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Hyper Train

Want to be the very best? Then read this guide.

by Kyle Hanson


While Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee may not be the toughest game out there, you still want to be the very best, which includes having the best Pokemon possible. This means understanding IVs and how you can raise them in the game. We’ve got a few guides on this, but this one will describe the actual process of raising IVs, which is called Hyper Training. Here’s our guide on how to hyper train in Pokemon Let’s Go.

As already stated, to hyper train you need to know the basics. So, if you want to know what IVs are and how you check them click here. And then you may need to know how to get bottle caps and what they do. Once you understand those things, hyper training in Pokemon Let’s Go is actually really easy. You just need to know where to go.  There is another way to farm one gold bottle cap per day in Celadon Game Corner

Yes, hyper training is locked away behind an NPC, who can be found at the Pokemon Nursery on Route 5. Inside you can stow a Pokemon for daycare or talk to the man at the left. If you want to hyper train some Pokemon then you want to chat with the man on the left. There are two requirements first though: you need to complete the main quest of the game and you need a Pokemon at level 100.

Only max level Pokemon are available for hyper training, so get back to grinding if you aren’t there yet. Once you are, just chat with the man and give him the bottle cap you earned from Mina. You can then choose which stat to raise for the Pokemon you are hyper training.

And that’s how to hyper train in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

- This article was updated on:November 22nd, 2018

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