Pokemon Sleep Release Date and How to Pre-Register on iOS and Android

Wake up to the new sleep-tracking Pokemon app!

by Marc Magrini
Image: The Pokémon Company

The Pokemon Company is no stranger to experimental games and applications. One of their most experimental titles yet, Pokemon Sleep, is finally nearing its release. With this application, fans of the franchise can help re-orient themselves towards a good night’s rest with the help of in-app partners. Those who want a head start on getting well-rested should pre-register for Pokemon Sleep before its rapidly-approaching release date.

How to Pre-Register for Pokemon Sleep

Though the application will be available for Android and iOS devices, only Android phones are currently able to pre-register. iOS users will need to keep an eye on the official Pokemon Sleep Twitter account for updates. Meanwhile, Android users can simply head to the Google Play Store and pre-register for the app from there. They might want to do this soon if they want to jump in before anyone else, as the app’s release isn’t too far away.

Pokemon Sleep Release Date

As noted by the official Pokemon website, Pokemon Sleep will come out sometime in the next few months, during Summer 2023. It’s planned to have functionality with the Pokemon GO Plus + accessory, though that has a concrete release date of July 14. The release of the app will be worldwide, so no regions are likely to get it sooner or later than others. You’ll have some time before the app comes out in full, so pre-registering to test its compatibility with your phone isn’t a bad idea.

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Pokemon Sleep doesn’t seem to be a very demanding application, but it has plenty of special functionality. After tracking the user’s sleep patterns, the app allows them to “collect” sleeping Pokemon by registering them in a Sleep Style Dex. These Pokemon and their animations are shown in simplistic 2D artwork, and gathering them depends on how well you sleep. You shouldn’t have too much trouble running this app, but you’ll probably want to pre-register anyway just to see those cute creatures before anyone else.

- This article was updated on July 6th, 2023

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