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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Get Fly

Found after making it through Route 6.

by Dean James


Fly is one of the most well known techniques in all of the Pokemon series, with it serving as an HM up through Pokemon X and Y before being converted to a TM in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It retains its TM status yet again in Pokemon Sword and Shield and this guide will explain just where you can find Fly.

How To Get Fly

Starting with Pokemon Sun and Moon, you no longer need Fly itself to fast travel around the map and that carries over to Pokemon Sword and Shield with the Flying Taxis. Even with that, Fly is still available in Pokemon Sword and Shield as a TM that is quite useful for Flying type Pokemon.

To get the Fly TM, you are going to have to play the game for a bit and acquire the first three badges in the game. After getting the third badge, you will head to the Wild Area with the goal of heading to Hammerlocke. You cannot take on the gym here yet though, so you need to head out of town to the west and make your way through Route 6 and into Stow-on-Side.

Once you are in Stow-on-Side, which is actually the name for the town, you will see a staircase and approaching it will put you in a battle with Hop. Take down Hop and Opal will speak with you again and give you Bea’s League Card before leaving. At this point, look to your left and enter the building to your left in the above image.

Once you go inside, speak with the man who is cooking and he will reward you with TM 06, also known as Fly.


Fly is a two turn move that starts with flying up in the air on turn one and then swooping down to attack on the second round. This attack does 90 damage, so it is definitely one of the strongest Flying moves in the game. Unless you’re going up against someone with a move like Swift that does not miss, Fly will cause one move from your opponent to miss as well, so there’s no real consequences for using it.

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