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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Fast Travel

Take the Flying Taxi if you want to travel fast.

by William Schwartz


Galar is a massive world to explore in Pokemon Sword and Shield.  So massive that you might want to fast travel to get to your destination a little bit faster than trying to walk or bike there.  The good news is that you can fast travel in Pokemon Sword or Shield.  You will, however, need to progress a little ways into the game to get the ability.

Fast Travelling in Pokemon Sword or Shield is done through the Flying Taxi.  Flying will be given to you once you head out from the Stadium in Motostoke to tackle the first gym leaders in Turffield and Hulbury.  The Flying Taxi can be called and used to travel to any area that you’ve been before.

You cannot use the Flying Taxi to go somewhere that you haven’t already visited.  Once you have the Flying Taxi, any area on the overworld map that you can fast travel to will have a blue wings icon above it.  Simply hover over this icon and then press the A Button to go there.

There will be a short loading screen and then you will spawn at the destination.  It doesn’t cost anything to use the Flying Taxi or Fast Travel in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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