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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Pokeballs

Where to buy them and how to unlock them

by Kyle Hanson


Every Pokemon game begins in a similar way. Players are introduced to the world and a few random new characters. You choose your starter and then set off on an adventure. But while you do battle with a few creatures in the opening hour of Sword and Shield, you don’t get the iconic Pokeballs until a bit later than normal. And once they’re unlocked you may still wonder how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Pokeballs

If you’re just starting off on your Pokemon adventure, wondering when you’ll be able to start catching all these cool new wild creatures, just be patient. Pokeballs are awarded to you in the course of the campaign, and there’s no way to circumvent the procedure. You’ll get them just before setting off on Route 2, with Hop and his big brother teaching you the basics of how to catch Pokemon. Of course you can check out that guide for our tips as well, which should give you more info that the in-game tutorial.

Where to Buy Pokeballs

Once you receive the Pokeballs during this story event you pretty much unlock them for the rest of the game. You always want to keep a stock of them on hand, in case you run into a character you want to catch. After Route 2 you can buy Pokeballs from any Pokemon Center in the game. Every town will feature on, so head inside and go to the shop to the right side of the counter to buy some. They’re fairly cheap, but also not very useful on higher level creatures. Keep a good stock of 10 or more just to be safe, but once Great and Ultra Balls become available you’ll probably want to switch to those for anything you definitely want to catch.

And that’s how and where to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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