Pokemon Unite: Best Greedent Build

Destroy the competition with the hungry squirrel Pokémon using this build!

by Elliott Gatica


Greedent is the newest character to enter the roster in Pokémon Unite. He’s another defender type, pairing up with the likes of Blastoise, Snorlax, and Crustle. Perhaps people who like to take more of a defender approach. He excels in endurance and support, so make use of those strengths wisely.

Best build for Greedent in Pokémon Unite

Greedent is all about the berries and survival. This Pokémon will stay up constantly by consuming berries, giving it extra utility in the mix. Surprisingly enough, Greedent can deal a lot of damage with the right set up. He can also make use of a lot of crowd control thanks to the secondary effects of the special moves.

Best Moves for Greedent in Pokémon Unite


This move provides so much AoE damage to foes. It also hinders their movement speed. Of course, if this move is performed as Greedent has berries in its pouch, they are consumed, allowing for the move to have a faster cooldown.


Since Greedent is quite tanky, you can run towards an enemy Pokémon with this move, stunning them. It’s like a weaker version of Surf, but definitely has its uses because of the throw/stun effect. This move also has the secondary effect if Greedent eats a dropped berry. You can perform its other moves like Belch or Bullet Seed while in the running animation, giving just a bit more utility.

Held Items

Weakness Policy (must)

  • Since players may naturally single out tank Pokémon, Greedent will be receiving quite a lot of heat. In return, the Weakness Policy item will amplify overall damage dealt by Greedent. That extra bit of damage can make this cute squirrel Pokémon into an absolute menace.

Focus Band (must)

  • If you happen to find yourself at low HP or mismanaging Berries, the Focus Band can save you from some mistakes. It makes him just a bit more tanky than he already is.

Buddy Barrier

  • Greedent can definitely make use of performing his Unite Move multiple times thanks to the whole Berry mechanic. In a good team setting, performing the Unite Move can save a teammate from fainting, turning Greedent into somewhat of a support.

Energy Amplifier

  • Since Greedent can lower cooldowns significantly, Energy Amplifier can increase overall DPS.

Muscle Band

  • If you want to go for something a bit more standard, this item can be for the third slot. Then again, this is one of the more universal items that you can not really go wrong with for any Pokémon.

Score Shield

  • This is a really underrated item. Sometimes, getting those extra points in can make all the difference. Why not equip an item like this to a Pokémon that is hard to take down? Then again, this is the better item to put on if you have a team that can fend off the enemy as you make the most use out of this.

Battle Item

Eject Button

  • Despite the nerf it has received a few patches ago, the Eject Button can be the difference between surviving and getting KO’ed.

Pokémon Unite is out now for the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. For more Pokémon Unite guides like builds and patch notes, click here.

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