Pokémon Unite Halloween Event: All Skins, Costumes, and Rewards

Get festive with all the limited-time offerings in this event!

by Elliott Gatica


The Halloween event is live now in Pokémon Unite. With it comes many new things to look forward to. These things consist of cosmetics and a new character in the mix. The event will run until November 7.

Skins, costumes, and rewards in the Pokémon Unite Halloween event

These are the following items you can get in this event.

Trainer cosmetics

  • Costume Party Set*
  • Pikachu Mask (Halloween)*
  • Pointed Hat (Halloween)*
  • Candy Bag (Halloween)*

Miscellaneous content

  • Greedent Unite License*
  • 1-Day Battle Point Boost Card
  • Pumpkin Box
  • Unite Snapshot Portrait Frame
  • Unite Snapshot Pikachu Pumpkin Sticker
  • Unite Snapshot Background
  • Unite Snapshot Pose
  • Lucario Costume Party Holowear*

The items denoted with an asterisk(*) can be obtainable via the shop. Everything else must be obtained by acquiring more Pumpkins.

How to get more Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a limited-time currency only in this event. They will be used in the Pumpkin Exchange tab in the Events menu. There, you can turn in a certain amount of them to get any of the rewards.


To earn more Pumpkins, you’ll have to log in at least 14 days while the event is running. You’ll complete the requirements that will give you more for just that. However, you can get more by completing the “Halloween in Mer Stadium” challenges which will give you even more Pumpkins.

Finally, you can test your luck by picking up a Pumpkin Box via the Pumpkin Exchange. I would highly advise against it, since the chances of getting more than what you put in is less than a 6% chance.

The Pokémon Unite Twitter page did release a statement regarding the Halloween Festival rewards. They stated that not all players are going to be able to get all the rewards by the event’s end. By the looks of how many Pumpkins you can get, you will most likely have to make sacrifices.

Personally, getting the Greedent Unite License should be a no-brainer. Having more Pokémon is better. Cosmetics don’t change the game. Besides, the cooler cosmetics have to actually be bought in the store, so they won’t take away from your total Pumpkin count.


Pokémon Unite is out now for the Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. This Halloween Festival event is live now until November 7, 2021. To check out additional details about the game like guides and news, click here.

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