PSA: Tower of Fantasy Players Are Losing Potent Omnium Crystals by Upgrading in the Training Center

See how to keep from losing these important gems

by Caleb Stultz


To all players from the Tower of Fantasy subreddit: Please do not upgrade your suppressor in training center mode. As of now, when players upgrade their suppressors in training center mode, they lose out on all their Potent Omnium Crystals in Tower of Fantasy. As of now, you do not get to keep any bonuses granted to you in this mode, plus you lose out on all Potent Omnium Crystals earned in the game.

Why Are People Losing Potent Omnium Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

You may have heard or seen it for yourself, Potent Omnium Crystals disappearing out of inventories in a flash as people start upgrading their suppressors in such a small area in such a big game, but it’s true. Many players are not only losing out on their Potent Omnium Crystals, which take loads of time to stack up on, but they are also losing out on any bonuses gained in Training Center Mode.

Tower of Fantasy Japan’s Twitter account tweeted out that they are aware of the issue, and that they are taking the necessary steps to fix the issue. For now, the company says to avoid strengthening equipment nor adding suppressors at the training center until the issue has been fixed.

Now, there are warning messages that appear if players attempt to strengthen their weapons or add suppressors to them, according to one player in the Tower of Fantasy subreddit as the company attempts to fix this issue.

For now, players will ultimately just have to avoid the training center until the issue is fixed, which means no testing out characters or weapons that may interest you. However, Tower of Fantasy has a good track record of fixing things fast, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for the game to be playable in the training center.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on mobile and PC.


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