PUBG x KFC Event: All Rewards and How to Get Them

Check out all the rewards you can get during the KFC x PUBG Mobile event!

by Christian Bognar
KFC PUBG Mobile Rewards
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

PUBG Mobile is collaborating with the famous fast food chain KFC and offering chicken lovers an array of rewards to obtain in-game. If you love everything KFC or just want to claim the rewards from the latest collaboration, you have come to the right place. Here are all the PUBG x KFC event rewards and how to get them.

All KFC and PUBG Mobile Event Rewards

Players can try their shot at winning KFC rewards in PUBG Mobile by heading to the Chicken Winnin’ Lucky Spin wheel. This wheel allows players to spend UC for a chance to win prizes that have everything to do with the fast-food chain KFC. The list below shows all the prizes players can try to win at the Chicken Winnin’ Lucky Spin wheel.

  • KFC Royale Colonel Set
  • KFC Chicken Champ Cover
  • KFC Chicken Champ Set
  • KFC Royale Delight Top
  • KFC Royale Delight Parachute
  • KFC Seasoned Squad Graffiti
  • KFC Crispy Crunch Avatar Frame
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Note: You can access the Chicken Winnin’ Lucky Spin wheel on the right side of the home screen of PUBG Mobile.

The way it works is that your first spin will cost 10 UC, but every spin afterward will cost you 30 UC. Players also have a 10-spin bundle available for 300 UC.

The good news is that if you end up doing poorly on your spins, you still have a chance to win Fragments. These Fragments can then be used to purchase the items individually that appear on the wheel, increasing your chances of coming away happy!

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KFC In-Game Restaurant Rewards

Outside of spinning the wheel and testing your luck to win prizes, players can also get additional rewards by visiting in-game KFC restaurant locations. There are many to find, each in a different location on the game’s map. Below are all the rewards shown in the trailer that you can get from the in-game restuarants.

  • KFC Royale Colonel Set
  • KFC Chicken Champ Set
  • KFC Drink (Recover 60 Energy)
  • KFC Nuggets (Recover 75 Health)
  • KFC Chicken Bucket (Full Health Recovery)
  • KFC Chicken Dinner (Full Health and Energy Recovery)

Check out the official KFC x PUBG Mobile event trailer from the PUBG Mobile Twitter account below!

There are many rewards for players to hunt down during the KFC event in PUBG Mobile. You have plenty of time to obtain your rewards, as the event will last until November 6, 2023.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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