Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support?

Rock, DualShock, and Roll!

by Noah Nelson

PUBG Mobile is still an immensely popular FPS Battle Royale game which is why people are wondering if it has controller support. Though Warzone 2 and Fortnite are popular in their own rights, PUBG Mobile still has a strong player base because of how fun it is. Here is if PUBG has controller support.

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support?

PUBG Mobile does not have controller support. To keep things fair, PUBG Mobile only allows players to use the touchscreen controls. If touchscreen users and controller users were to be matched together in the same games, no matter how well you know the best guns in the game, it would be extremely unfair considering how much easier using a controller is for most gamers.

While PUBG Mobile won’t recognize your controller, you can still Bluetooth your controller to your phone. Whether you use Bluetooth to connect your controller to your phone or have a wired setup, there is still a way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller.

How to Play PUBG Mobile With a Controller

Though PUBG Mobile doesn’t work natively with a controller, you can play PUBG Mobile with a controller. To do so, all you need to do is download a third-party controller remapper and play PUBG Mobile through that.

If you have an Android, an active and safe third-party app you can use is Panda Gamepad Pro. Download it from the Google Store, connect your controller to your phone, launch the app, and select to play PUBG Mobile within the app. This will allow you to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. There are a few caveats though; more on that in a second.

If you have an iPhone, the third-party app you’ll want to use is ShootingPlus. Follow the same instructions that allow you to play PUBG Mobile on Android and you’ll be in business.

The two things to remember when playing PUBG Mobile with a controller on an Android or iPhone is that if you try to play PUBG Mobile without the third-party app, it won’t work. Also, the game will recognize your controller as an emulator which means you’ll only be placed in matches with people with emulators and PC players that have controllers or mouse and keyboard.

That is everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile and how to use a controller on it. Hopefully, you have success following this guide and have fun playing PUBG Mobile with a controller.

PUBG Mobile is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 26th, 2023