Ranks in Rocket League – The Skill Rating Distribution System, Explained

Let's demystify the ranks in Rocket League.

by Davi Braid
Rocket League's Octane in Fortnite
Image: Psyonix

One of the most important characteristics of Rocket League is its competitive ranking system. The game’s Ranks and Skill Ratings ensure that players are matched against and with others of similar skill levels, keeping the game fair and fun.

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How Ranks and SR work in Rocket League

In Rocket League, ranks are divided into several tiers that represent a range of skill ratings.

RankPercentage of PlayersMMR Range
Bronze I0.03%0 – 172
Silver I0.49%275 – 338
Gold I5.03%455 – 518
Platinum I17.73%635 – 698
Diamond I8.86%815 – 878
Champion I1.53%995 – 1058
Grand Champion I0.22%1435 – 1559
Supersonic Legend0.07%1861+

Each rank is further divided into four divisions, with Division IV being the highest. Advancing through the divisions promotes you to the next rank, while dropping through them can lead to demotion. The divisions within each rank represent a more granular breakdown of a player’s skill level. For example, a player in Gold III Division IV is closer to reaching Platinum (the next rank) than a player in Gold III Division I. This allows for a more precise representation of a player’s skill level within their rank.

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How SR Works in Rocket League

Image: Psyonix

In Rocket League, your rank in competitive play is decided by a secret number called Skill Rating (SR) or Matchmaking Rank (MMR). When you win games, this number goes up, and when you lose games, it goes down. The more games you win, the higher your SR/MMR becomes, and the higher your rank climbs. The game tries to pair you with players who are about as good as you are. This gives everyone a fair shot at winning and getting better.

SR is super important in competitive play. It doesn’t just decide who you play against, but it also helps you move forward in the game. By getting to know this system, players can figure out how good they are and aim to get better in the competitive world of Rocket League.

- This article was updated on January 8th, 2024

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