Remnant 2 Endaira’s End Music Tower Puzzle Solution

This guide will cover how to solve Endaira's End Tower puzzle in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Endaira's Tower Solution Remnant 2
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Remnant 2 is a hard game, but not just when it comes to combat. The puzzles are even more challenging, requiring a fair share of critical thinking. One of the trickier puzzles in the game is located in Endaira’s End, where players encounter a spiral tower and no clues on how to solve it. This guide will walk you through how to solve the Endaira’s End Music Tower puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Solve Endaira’s End Music Tower Puzzle in Remnant 2

At Endaira’s Music Tower in Remnant 2, you’ll notice openings in the tower with musical notes on the floor, where a sound will play when you step on them. Your goal is to step on the notes in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

First, players must find the journal containing clues to the puzzle’s solution. While looking at the tower from the entrance to the area, take a right and head to the corner with an opening in the ledge. Drop down, and you’ll find a small crawl space. Head into this crawl space to find the journal on the table.

Keep in mind that Endaira’s End Music Tower involves two solutions. One puzzle can be completed solo, and the other must be solved with at least one player. Let’s go over the solo puzzle first.

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Endaira’s Tower Solution #1

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Your goal is to play the notes in the order shown in the journal. Below is the correct order to solve this puzzle, starting from the bottom of the tower. For example, when I say “first note,” it means the very first opening on the tower’s ground floor. Make sure you stand on the note long enough for sparks to appear and disappear. Once they disappear, make your way to the following note.

  1. Third note.
  2. Second note.
  3. First note.
  4. Third note.

Once you step on the notes in the proper order, a noise will sound, and your reward will spawn on the pedestal next to the tower. The reward for your efforts is the Wind Hollow Circlet ring, which increases Reload Speed by 12%

Endaira’s Tower Solution #2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The next puzzle follows the same premise but requires a co-op partner. Follow what the journal says, and stand on the notes in the correct order simultaneously with your partner. For example, you will stand on the notes on the top, while your co-op buddy will stand on the notes on the bottom of the page. This must be done at the same time.

Top Row (Player one):

  1. Fifth note
  2. Fourth note
  3. Fourth note
  4. First note

Bottom Row (Player two):

  1. Second note
  2. Third note
  3. Second note
  4. Third note

Doing this at the same time will complete the puzzle. The best way is to have you and your co-op partner go to the correct note and count down from 3. This way, you both can know exactly when to step on the note!

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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