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Resident Evil 2 Remake: How to Get to the Boiler Room

An important room, but only one may enter

by Kyle Hanson


Resident Evil 2 contains a ton of rooms that offer important items to both of its central characters. Leon and Claire will explore a huge chunk of the RPD, but sometimes rooms will be locked off. Either you need to wait to get into them, you need a special item, or you just can’t get inside. The Boiler Room is sort of all of the above, so we’re here to help. Here’s how to get to the Boiler Room in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

First off, you can’t even think of getting to the Boiler Room until you complete a large chunk of the RPD section or RE2. Locked off by a burning helicopter crash, the east side of the police department is sort of a mess. You will get here though, but only after completing the Medallion quest and quest through the bowels of the building. Once you arrive back at RPD you’ll find yourself on the east side and can go outside to the platform where you’ll have to solve a puzzle.

So that’s all the stuff you need to get and accomplish before you can even think about getting to the Boiler Room. Here’s the thing though, if you’re playing as Claire, you will never be able to go here. Yes, the Boiler Room is for Leon only. Inside you’ll find a very important item, but it’s an item that only Leon can have. Claire, either in Scenario A or B, cannot get into the Boiler Room. It will be boarded up and inaccessible. Instead she has access to the Chief’s Office area.

And that’s how to get to the Boiler Room in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Not an ideal answer, since it’s mostly either “you can’t” or “keep playing”, but it’s the way RE2 shapes things.

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