Resident Evil 3 – How to Combine Herbs

Kinda like aloe, but for mortal wounds.

by Brandon Adams
Resident Evil 3 - How to Combine Herbs

Any Resident Evil 3 fan whose spent time surviving the horrors of the Umbrella Corporation knows a thing or two about herbs. These brightly colored plants can heal you in a pinch, but combing them makes them all the more potent.

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Use green herbs alone for a minor heal, or combine them with other herbs to increase the effect.

Green herbs are the most common healing resource you’ll find in Resident Evil 3, though on their own they don’t heal for much. Jill Valentine doesn’t have a traditional health-bar, and instead cycles between various states of distress indicated by a heart-beat sensor in the inventory screen. When it’s red and says Danger she is near death, and she will clutch her side in pain and walk with a limp in-game.

A green herb on its own will push her up a state, but you won’t be fully healed unless you used it while her pulse was green (which, is a waste of an herb). The trick is to combine herbs for stronger heals. This will require some spare inventory space, so smart use of your item box in safe rooms is crucial.

There are two herb colors in Resident Evil 3: green and red. Green heal, and red acts as a booster. Up to three green herbs can be combined at once, though each will take up a single inventory slot until you mix them together.

The combinations are thus:

  • Green Herb x2 – High Potency Heal (can get you from critical to good status, but will not necessarily heal you entirely)
  • Green Herb x3 – Maximum Potency Heal (will heal you to max health, but burns through your green herb stockpile)
  • Green Herb + Red Herb – Maximum Potency Heal (the most efficient mixture for healing, though red herbs are harder to find than green herbs)

Combining herbs is done in your inventory (you can’t combine items from your item box, or across the two in Resident Evil 3), Once you have the herbs in hand all you have to do is select the first herb you wish to mix and then “Combine.” From here only herbs that can be mixed will be highlighted, and you can pick the ones you want. You can also do this with existing mixtures, assuming there is room for another herb.

Using three green herbs to make a full heal should really only be done as a last ditch maneuver. A double green herb heal is usually enough to get you out of a jam, and you really want to save a green herb for every red herb you find.

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- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2020

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