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Resident Evil 3 – How to Get Semi-Auto Barrel for the Shotgun

A pretty significant shotgun upgrade.

by Diego Perez


Resident Evil 3 is much more action-focused than its predecessor, and as such, there are tons of attachments and modifications for the weapons Jill and Carlos carry. The shotgun is a Resident Evil staple, and you can find an attachment for it early on that transforms it from a pump-action shotgun to a semi-automatic shotgun, dramatically increasing its fire rate and making it much more effective at dealing quick damage. You don’t have to solve any puzzles or open any safes or lockers to get your hands on it, but you can miss it if you aren’t paying attention when you walk by. This is how to get the Semi-Auto Barrel for the shotgun in Resident Evil 3.

How to Get the Semi-Auto Barrel for the Shotgun in Resident Evil 3

Early on in Resident Evil 3, you’ll come across a familiar location from Resident Evil 2. Shortly after a grueling encounter with Nemesis, you’ll stumble upon Gun Shop Kendo, featuring the exact same storefront and layout as the main game. Inside, there’s a ton of ammo and supplies for you to take, and the Semi-Auto Barrel is among them. It’s sitting on a shelf on the left side of the shop. It blends in with the rest of the ammo pickups in the store, so be careful not to skip it. Also, keep in mind that when you attach it to the shotgun, it will take up two inventory spaces instead of one, so plan accordingly. Thankfully, there’s an item box in the back of the shop so you can drop off anything you don’t need in order to make room.

There are several other weapon attachments available for the shotgun, and the same goes for Resident Evil 3’s other guns. Some are locked in safes and lockers, while others are acquired through alternative means.

- This article was updated on:April 2nd, 2020

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