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Resident Evil 3 – Where to Find the Tape and What to do with the Tape Player

What is this futuristic technology?!

by Kyle Hanson


Early on in the hospital stage of Resident Evil 3 you’re presented with a locked door. This isn’t unusual at all, especially for the series as a whole. But there is something unique about this door. It doesn’t have a normal lock and key mechanic, or some antiquated and confusing system involving levers, pulleys, statues, and crystals. Nope, this is from the far future, at least from Carlos’ perspective in 1998. It uses voice recognition, and Carlos is terrible at impressions. So you’ll need a recording of Dr. Bard to unlock and open the door. Thankfully there’s a tape recorder right nearby, but no tape. Here’s where to find the tape and what to do with the tape player in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Where to Find the Tape

The audiocassette tape is found in the Treatment Room of the hospital level. To get there you actually need to manage to snag the locker room key and hospital ID card as well. Check out those guides if you haven’t found them yet. Once you have those getting here is pretty simple. Head over to the nurse’s station, clearing out any stray zombies along the way. Head inside and use the ID card to get through the previously locked door behind the desk.

Walk down the long, ominous hallway (which should tell you to be prepared to fight) and take on the zombies in the next room. Inside of the treatment room there are two of the big bad hunters, so toss a grenade if you can or just take them out with the assault rifle. Once they’re dispatched just pick up the audiocassette tape at the end of the room. Now what do you do with it?

What to do with the Tape Player

Once you have the cassette tape all you need to do is combine it with the tape player to prep it. You’ll now have an easy to use recording of Dr. Bard, which can unlock the door back in the reception room to get you closer to the cure you’ve been seeking. Head back downstairs and use it, but be ready for more of a fight along the way. After that, you should be good to continue the level and finish the game. So hopefully this helped explain where to find the tape and what to do with the tape player in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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