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Resident Evil Maiden Demo: How to Open the Locked Eye Door

Here's how to open the locked door in the Maiden demo.

by Diego Perez


In the Maiden Demo for Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across a door marked with a face that has one eye mission. One eye is just an empty socket, and you’ll have to fill that socket to continue with the demo. This is basically the only puzzle in the entire demo, and the whole thing ends shortly after opening the door. Here’s how to open the locked eye door in the Maiden demo for Resident Evil Village.

How to Open the Eye Door in Maiden

To open the door, you need to find something to fit into the second eye socket. Thankfully, there’s something you can use nearby. Head downstairs into the main hall and then walk through the only unlocked door. It’s directly under the door with the face on it.


Inside, you’ll find a table with food and drinks on it. Pick up the full wine glass toward the back of the table. Then, press the Triangle button to open your inventory and inspect the glass. Rotate it until the camera is looking directly into the glass and then take the ring from the bottom of the glass.


Now that you have the ring, open your inventory and inspect it. You should be able to pull the red eye jewel out of the ring. Once you’ve separated the jewel from the ring, it’s time to head back to the locked door. Head back into the main hall and walk back upstairs. Interact with the door and use the red eye jewel to place it into the empty socket and unlock the door.


There’s a pretty standard looking room on the inside, but there’s a very important key item you need to grab in order to finish the demo. There are several cabinets near the ground that you can open. Crouch and open all of the cabinets until you find the courtyard key. Take the courtyard key, walk back downstairs, and go back to the room where you found the wine glass. Unlock the door to the courtyard and open it to finish the demo.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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