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Resident Evil Village Money Making Guide: How to Get More Lei

Get rich quick with these schemes.

by Diego Perez


Lei is hard to come by in Resident Evil Village, but if you want to purchase upgrades from the Duke’s shop, you’ll need ways to make money fast. Like most things in this game, Lei is a limited resource, and you’ll never have enough to buy everything you want or need from the store. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy most of it though. There are ways to amass large amounts of Lei, you just need to know where to look. Here are the best ways to make Lei fast in Resident Evil Village.

How to Make Money Fast in Resident Evil Village

These are the best ways to make money in Resident Evil Village.

  1. Break crates, jars, and pots.
  2. Kill enemies for Lei and Crystal Skulls.
  3. Shoot glowing spots for Crystal Fragments.
  4. Sell treasures.
  5. Pick locks to find valuables.
  6. Sell old unused weapons.

Lei can be found everywhere in Resident Evil Village, especially inside crates and other breakable objects. It’s a good rule of thumb that you should be doing anyway, but be sure to break any boxes or pots you come across. Crates are easy to spot because they’re covered in bright yellow tape, but you can break other objects too like the vases in Castle Dimitrescu. They might not always yield Lei, but you’ll almost always get something useful like ammo or crafting materials.


It may seem like avoiding combat and conserving ammo is the right thing to do in a survival horror game such as this, but killing enemies is actually a great way to earn some extra Lei for your troubles. Enemies can drop resources and ammo when killed, but they can also drop Lei and Crystal Skulls. Crystal Skulls can be sold to the Duke for 900 Lei each, making them a nice way of stuffing your bank account just by defending yourself from Lycans and other creatures.

Treasures can be found all over the village and the surrounding areas, and the Duke will pay a pretty penny for any valuables you find. You can find these just by exploring, but many of them will be hidden inside locked drawers and containers. You’ll need to find lockpicks to open them, but these are hard to come by. There are only a set number of them in the game, and they can only be found in specific spots. Whatever you do, do not sell your lockpicks. The treasures you can find in locked containers are worth way more.


Finally, there are a few unorthodox tips that some Resident Evil Village players don’t know about that are great ways of making Lei. Crystal Fragments are valuable items that can be found laying around, but you can also shoot glowing white spots in the environment to obtain these as well. There’s a glowing white spot on the Maiden of War statue’s shield in the village, for example. Keep an eye out for these and you’ll be rewarded with treasures you can sell for additional Lei. Also, you can sell your weapons to the Duke if you don’t want them. It sounds counterintuitive, but you’ll get new guns throughout the game that use the same ammo types. For example, if you find a new handgun, you can sell your starting LEMI handgun if you don’t want to use it anymore. All handguns use the same ammo type, and you can always buy the gun back from the Duke if you really want it.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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