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Returnal: How to Beat Ixion (Biome 2 Crimson Wastes Boss Guide)

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Ixion is the second boss you’ll come across in Returnal, at the end of the second biome (Crimson Wastes), and steps up the difficulty slightly from the previous boss. This is quite an intimidating boss since it flies and can be quite confusing on how to beat at first, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem if you come prepared. Here’s how to beat Ixion, the second boss, in Returnal.

How to Beat Ixion in Returnal

Like the other bosses in Returnal, Ixion has three phases, and will move onto the next phase when you deplete its health bar. Continue to shoot and overload consistently when possible – try not to go into this fight with the Spitmaw Blaster as you’ll need to shoot form range for a lot of the fight. The Tachyomatic Carbine is your best chance.

Phase 1 – The first phase is relatively simple, and you’ll just need to keep dashing and sprinting out of the way to avoid the blue orbs that Ixion expels. A barrage of blue pellets will also be fired at you which you need to time your dash to avoid. The boss will occasionally shoot a spiral of blue orbs which expands as it propels so just keep sprinting to the side and dashing if you need to in order to avoid this one.

Phase 2 – This is where it ramps up. The same attacks will be in effect, but Ixion will now jump into the middle of the arena, and expel blue walls which you need to jump over and blue orbs will be pulsing out from it too. Be prepared to dodge the orbs after you jump over the blue walls so you don’t get caught out. Ixion will then prepare for a flying attack, where it will charge at you. Get ready to dash out of the way of this just before impact. It will also fire a blue beam and a barrage of blue bullets at you which you’ll need to avoid and dash through to negate the hit, all while eating down its health bar with your weapon.

Phase 3 – This phase adds on the previous one by introducing melee, and ramps up the intensity of the blue wall and blue orbs sequence. You’ll need to dodge these in the same way as before, but they will be more difficult to avoid in this phase. Ixion can also create red rings on the ground which you’ll need to jump over, and be aware that it can jump towards you so get ready to dash out of the way and jump over the rings when it does so. Make sure you dash out of the way of the melee attacks. An array of blue and red orbs will come toward you occasionally, which can be avoided by keeping your distance and making sure you’re always on the move, with your finger on the dash button to avoid any orbs coming too close.

For some other really useful general tips to help you out that apply to all of the bosses in Returnal, check out our first Boss Guide.

Returnal is available now on PS5.

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